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RICOH Legal Document Solutions

Improve the integrity and organization of your physical and digital documents

All the integrity and organization of your documents, but with a fully searchable database!

RICOH Legal Document Solutions helps you manage both paper and electronic documents by maintaining the integrity and organization of your physical documents while integrating them with your electronic documents for one consolidated and fully searchable database.

With production facilities across Canada, ISO 9001:2015 quality-certified processes, rapid turn-around time and proven methodologies that optimize the effectiveness of your database, you can be confident we will handle your boxes with confidence and care.

Make paper portable and secure with RICOH Document Imaging

Give lawyers and their litigation support team the flexibility to be effective and get a better handle on the evidence with:



  • Data portability 
  • Full text sorting and searching
  • Efficient review of duplicates to locate images with similar fields (i.e. same author, date and title)
  • Provide secure web access to remote users including witnesses and/or the client and more!

By converting all legal documents into an imaged format, multiple users can index and review the same collection at the same time – securely and from anywhere


Make document review convenient with RICOH Coding

Transcribe your materials with uncompromising fidelity with RICOH Coding for organized and indexed documents with logic and convenience in mind.


Our goal is to provide you with a deliverable that is as accurate, as it is time-saving with: 


  • Focused and compact range of categories
  • Straight-forward, and commonly recurring in legal proceedings
  • No more documents shoehorned into inaccurate groups

Make searches simple with RICOH OCR 

Get a cost-effective supplement to the coding of your scanned documents with RICOH OCR Text Conversion and enable your team to:

  • Locate key documents based on words within the text even if the OCR conversion accuracy was less than perfect
  • Locate and compare similar documents using near duplication identification technology

Get error-free document sets with RICOH Digital Printing Services

For many of our customers, the convenience of a printed paper set of documents is still desirable.

Our high-speed printers create large batches of scanned images in chronological order, sequential order or based on a database query to locate a subset of documents or productions and allow for insertion of:



  • Bates numbering
  • Header and footer labels
  • Annotations or separator sheets for document or boundary breaks

Go one step further and provide your clients a value added service with an electronic closing book.


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