Submit and manage service calls, supply orders, invoices, equipment, meter reads and more – all in one secured online platform.

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Invoice management

  • View open invoices and payment activity

  • View and make credit card payments for equipment, meters, supplies and field service invoices

  • Search Invoice, Payment Print, export, or view PDF invoices

  • Manage invoice preferences and select multiple invoices to be paid

  • Choose to pay in single or multiple transactions

Purchase management

  • Browse and order billable products, supplies and technology services

  • Track orders in real-time

  • Purchase at your contracted price and select payment options

Equipment management

  • Create and track service requests

  • Order inclusive and other supplies to support your fleet

  • Track meter reads, designate a primary meter contact and receive alerts

Get help

  • Chat live: Connect with Ricoh's Online Support Team for various administrative support, tech support, MyRicoh Support

  • Share screens: With help desk representatives so they can see the problem

  • Get questions answered

Data security

  • Compliance: Meet federal and industry compliance regulations

  • SSL encryption: Help protect confidential information and mitigate cyber-threats

  • Permissions: Assign users level of access based on permissions set by the administrator

  • Customer Account Administrator: Super admin user controls access to all MyRicoh functionality

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