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Business process management

Solve process challenges to increase productivity and drive business agility.

What is business process management (BPM)?

Gartner® defines business process management as “a discipline that uses various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve and optimize business processes.” Managing business process requires coordination of people, systems and technology, and information to perform the tasks needed to drive business goals and strategy.

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3 approaches to business process management

Business processes can vary, depending on their purpose. BPM is often discussed from the perspective of these three categories.

  1. Human-centric. These processes focus on streamlining human intensive tasks such as approvals via alerts, notification, and user-friendly interface.

  2. System-centric. This BPM approach involves the communication of information and data between systems via integrations and APIs to drive process.

  3. Document-centric. Some processes revolve around documents, such as contracts, and the routing, formatting, and signing, all while keep the information secured.

5 phases of the business process management lifecycle

A BPM engagement involves five main areas.

  1. Design: current processes are analyzed for opportunities to improve.

  2. Model: evaluate how the new process will work under different scenarios.

  3. Execute: implement the new workflows and technologies.

  4. Monitor: track and report key metrics to measure the success of the new process.

  5. Optimize: adjust the process as needed to improve efficiencies.

Benefits of business process management

Well implemented business process management solutions will create definitive and measurable results for an organization. Typical benefits include:

  • Improved customer response via enhanced efficiencies.

  • Highly engaged employees as menial tasks decrease.

  • Fewer errors such as errant data entry and missed customer communication.

  • Greater ease meeting regulatory compliance.

  • Increased business agility.

  • Advanced support for hybrid work environments.

  • More data and data analysis to inform decision making.

Examples of BPM


Accounts payables and receivables require intensive approval and validation processes. Traditional processes required a lot of data entry. A BPM solution can introduce automated data capture and document workflows to reduce data entry errors, speed approvals, and get invoices out the door faster and payments made sooner to capture possible early pay discounts.


Onboarding new employees involves a multi-step process, often including many departments and individuals. BPM solutions implemented in onboarding reduce the chance of misplaced or forgotten documentation, simplify the completion of forms, and create a smoother and faster transition for new team members into training and their roles.

Claims processing

Insurance claims, be it Property & Casualty or Healthcare, are document and time intensive. Business Process Management solutions and services applied here can take claims processing from a multi-week task and reduce it to a matter of days by automating workflows and ensuring all necessary documents are prepared, available, and submitted, ending the back-and-forth common to the effort.

Key features of business process management applications

There are a wide variety of systems and applications that contribute to a BPM solution. The key features you should look for include:

  • Access controls based on role

  • Integrations and APIs with existing applications

  • Reporting dashboards and advanced analytics

  • Work anywhere support

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

BPM automation tools and services

You can find a lot of different automation tools, BPM solutions and services. What is the best one for your organization? It really depends on the challenge you are trying to solve for. As a digital services provider, we help businesses identify the solutions through consultation to find the best point solution, managed service, or comprehensive solution to meet their specific need.

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