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Ricoh Programs

Adding value to already valuable relationships

Your industry is competitive. That’s why we work with a variety of suppliers, partners and alliances to address your problems and provide the solutions you need. And within these programs, there are many ways that we can work together to help these companies — and ours — grow.

Ricoh Partner and Alliance Community

You demand a comprehensive range of products and services. To help us provide them, we engage a tight network of software and technology partners through the Ricoh Partner and Alliance Community. From providing engineering support to collaborating on R&D, our close working relationships can help those in the program get more out of their existing products and even create new ones.

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Supplier Diversity Program

Embracing diversity is one of the core components of our company’s culture. And we’re proud to extend that mindset to the companies we work with, too.

With our Supplier Diversity Program, we’re able to round out our capabilities with the help of businesses specifically owned and operated by Indigenous people, minorities, women, veterans and people with disabilities.

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