RICOH Intelligent Support

Manage your business intelligently. Get easy access to service and support with intelligent tools for your Ricoh device.

Experience the next level of remote services with Ricoh Intelligent Support. Maximize your uptime with easy and fast support.

Enhanced remote services

Ricoh products have been engineered with advanced self-diagnostic capabilities and secure communication protocols for seamless self-help and remote service and support — right out of the box.

This allows both you and our tenured Intelligent Support team to respond quickly, diagnose issues remotely, and initiate corrective measures in minutes – not hours or days — reducing disruptive on-site visits.

Experience maintenance service and support like no other

Ricoh Intelligent Support: MFP maintenance that is constantly evolving

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When you contact us for support, our tenured Intelligent Support team will respond quickly, diagnose issues, and initiate corrective measures remotely, in minutes. If necessary, we will call you back and only dispatch field support as needed.

Advanced help function

When you’re using an MFP and get stuck, you need the answer quickly.

The function you’re using is automatically detected and relevant help is displayed on the device panel to get you up and running right away. 

You can also scan a QR code to operate your device while following the help steps on your smart device.

Learn more about the help function.

Simplify troubleshooting with our extensive Knowledge Base

Sometimes seeing helps more than reading. Access our video library on the MFP’s Smart Operation Panel via the How-to Videos feature. 

To troubleshoot issues even faster, the Web Help and User Guide features provide information about device functionality with easy-to-follow instructions to diagnose and resolve issues quickly. 

Want to dive a little deeper? Web Help can also access the Ricoh Global Knowledge Base FAQ. It automatically displays help for the specific function you’re currently using.

Visit our Knowledge Base

Rapid diagnosis and resolution with remote customer support

Collaborative intelligent support

Ricoh’s partnership with Help Lightning offers proven AR-enabled collaboration tools specializing in remote assistance. This includes video collaboration services that enable our experts to work virtually side-by-side with anyone needing help — anywhere in the world!

Our cloud-based solution applies augmented reality features, including the merging of two video streams and the use of 3D annotation to improve real-time communications and solve difficult problems.

Cutting-edge maintenance

If a field visit is required following engagement with the Intelligent Support team, the on-site technician will collaborate with the support team and employ recommendations to enhance the likelihood of first visit resolution. Ricoh field engineers use dedicated smart devices to check information on usage and parts for each customer. 

In the event of an issue, your field engineer will assess the nature and cause of the malfunction before visiting your office so your issue can be resolved as quickly as possible. 

Our team of field engineers draws on extensive experience and analyzes the big data we've gathered to provide you with a higher quality of support than ever before.

Remain up to date with the latest security patches and firmware

It’s critical to keep your multifunction printers up to date and secure with the latest firmware update. 

Our automatic update functionality means this can be done quickly, easily and without the intervention of an on-site field engineer.

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