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RICOH Developer Program™ (RiDP)

Partner with Ricoh to create and deliver best of breed solutions and unparalleled end-user integrations and customer satisfaction.

What is the Ricoh Developer Program?

As a member of the RICOH Developer Program, you gain access to industry-leading tools and code level technical support.

Our mission

The Ricoh Developer program prides itself with creating an ecosystem of unprecedented support, training and tools for its developers by providing comprehensive APIs for developing applications on various Ricoh platforms.

What can you do as a commercial developer?

  • Embed your 3rd-party solutions directly into Ricoh hardware or software

  • Custom configure printer or fax drivers

  • Develop middleware

  • Integrate with industry-leading applications

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Benefits of RiDP

Benefits vary by membership level and include access to:

  • Development tools

  • Technical support

  • Training and technical resources

  • Marketing resources

  • Commercial opportunities

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Membership tiers

RiDP features five membership levels. The free Basic membership provides information about available development tool along with documentation like white papers and application brochures.

Membership levels include:

  • Basic

  • Premier

  • Premier Plus

  • Premier Gold

  • Premier Platinum

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