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Technology Lifecycle Services

Ensure customer satisfaction and confidence when implementing new technologies.

Transformation & Adoption

The process of the adoption of new technology or product rollouts in a market includes how the technology will be supported with training and information and support for your customers, employees, or end-users. Transformation and adoption both begin and end the lifecycle for a device or technology.


  • Training: Curriculum and Content Development

  • Technician Training

  • Training: End-user Training Programs

Plan & Design

The planning of service programs that enable organizations to transform and adopt new technology, including training.


  • Technology Consulting

  • Site Inspection

  • Lifecycle Assessment

  • Equipment Financing

Deploy & Implement

The operational deployment of devices in the field, including logistics, scheduling, installation and training.


  • Installation

  • Implementation

  • Migration Services

  • Training: End-User Training Programs

Manage & Control

The service-level management of devices that are deployed in the field and controlled planning of any updates. Includes customer service functions and the regular and ongoing reporting and ‘voice of customer’ metrics.


  • Call Center Services

  • Call Avoidance Services

  • Remote Help Desk Services

  • Periodic Maintenance

  • Analytics and Reporting

Evergreen Practices

Evergreen practices extend the usable life of a device in the field, thus ensuring end-to-end quality and protection of the manufacturer brand. Incorporate evergreen practices into the entire services lifecycle, which keeps replacement costs low, and customer satisfaction high until the process begins anew.


  • Depot Repair Service

  • De-Installation Service

  • Periodic Maintenance