Why Ricoh for our federal government?

To help you operate the country more safely, effectively, and efficiently, we work hard to make records management, security and workflow solutions simple and effective. For more than ten years, workplace innovation solutions have been shaped by Ricoh, an industry leader in process automation. That's why the federal government and more than 70 Canadian municipal and provincial governments have chosen to partner with us.

Looking for something a little different? Explore solutions for Municipal Government and Provincial Government.

Modernize processes

Explore how switching from paper forms to electronic workflows can help speed up the exchange of information and bring the right content to the right people — right on time!

Cloud and IT infrastructure solutions

Capture the full value of the cloud with a customized roadmap and the right solutions to help you modernize your IT, transform operations and pursue next-generation innovation


Prepress & output management solutions

Increase cost savings and improve business agility by centralizing output management, device management, and production print workflows for better service and communications.


Cloud print solutions

Streamline your print infrastructure, eliminate print servers and reduce your IT burden with a cost-effective SaaS solution that enables your staff and visitors to print to any device – anywhere.


eCommerce solutions

Create an easy-to-use web storefront for your print room and let employees submit print jobs online for error-free production and automated communications.


Enforce security and transparency

Increases in external and internal threats make managing and protecting your information a challenge. Partner with us to protect your digital assets within and outside your office’s security infrastructure.

Content management and workflow services

Accelerate secure and transparent proceedings while eliminating transparency gaps and resolve non-compliance issues with solutions designed to make your life easier.


Email & web security solutions

Block threats before they reach your inbox with email solutions and training that helps users identify fake links, phishing and more.


Scanning services

Let us digitize all those old paper files so you can turn your paper-based workflows into digital workstreams that keep information secure and make documents available from anywhere.


Cloud security solutions

Safeguard your IT infrastructure, including networks, storage, servers, apps and end-user hardware, with a best-in-class cloud security strategy.


Improve hybrid workplace and collaboration

Modernize your communications technology and provide your employees with an interconnected and flexible workplace that serves their needs.

Video conferencing & collaboration solutions

Facilitate more productive and engaging time together that drives seamless collaboration and better decision-making.


Room & desk booking solutions

With an intuitive touch screen display and centralized admin portal, bring a simple, single view to room & desk bookings – right across your organization.


Content management & workflow solutions

Get more time for what matters. Eliminate the costs and delays associated with paper records and manual workflows with solutions that are as simple to use as they are efficient.


Meeting room solutions

Optimize meeting rooms to boost interaction and productivity for in-person and virtual meetings, team check-ins, interviews and more.


Cloud print solutions

Make printing easy again! With an affordable and agnostic SaaS solution, you can streamline your print infrastructure, get rid of print servers, lessen your IT workload, and enable employees to print from anywhere.


Smart lockers

Create a modern and safe workplace with solutions that help your organization adapt and be more efficient while ensuring security for all.



Ricoh products and services can be acquired for government use through various vehicles, depending on need and jurisdiction. For more information:

Government of Canada Standing Offers

Managed Print Services — print and scan devices, managed services, sales & support

Audio Video Standing Offer — interactive flat panel displays

Pro Services — application services, business services, project management services and more

Software Licensing Supply Arrangement — multiple software categories

Department of Justice Standing Offers:

Document Scanning & Coding

Printing and Reprography Services (Ontario)

For more information on active procurement vehicles, contact us at GCOps@ricoh.ca.

Ricoh solutions in action

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Why you must be proactive against ransomware

Ransomware attacks are increasing by 195% per year – prepare for tomorrow, not yesterday.

Building a better future for Indigenous communities
Building a better future for Indigenous communitiesArticles

Building a better future for Indigenous communities

Driving awareness, preserving tradition, and enabling meaningful change for Indigenous communities with the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program.

Township of Springwater
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Township of Springwater

With every document now digitized, their records management system is an error-free and secure single source of truth for easier work.

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