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Microsoft 365®

Empower your team with the world’s leading business productivity applications.

Create in the office. Edit at the airport. Share with your team, anywhere in the world.

Companies everywhere rely on the familiar and reliable tools of Microsoft 365®. Featuring the Microsoft Office Suite of applications including Word®, Excel®, and Powerpoint®, you and your team can work where you want, when you want, and how you want, knowing your work is secure, backed up, and available.

Use only as many licenses as you need with the flexibility to easily add or remove users. Deploy on Windows®, Apple®, and Android® devices from workstations to laptops to smartphones and tablets. Work the way you like. We’ll make it happen.

Empower employee productivity

Microsoft 365 brings the robust functionality of Microsoft’s Office Suite to every employee on every device they use. Use on a desktop, laptop, mac, or on tablet and smartphone via app. Everyone can create, edit, file, share, save, and be productive wherever their job takes them.

You’ll eliminate downtime and boost productivity as you: 

  • Reduce the risk of data loss with automated backups to OneDrive®

  • Eliminate compatibility issues with always up-to-date software

  • Get new employees up and working faster

  • Improve communication with remote employees

  • Ensure your team always has all the tools they need

  • Collaborate in real time

Call, meet, and collaborate from anywhere, on any device

Microsoft 365™ features the tools and integrations to power productivity and keep your data secured.

  • Meet via video conference, make voice calls within your organization, chat, and share documents with Microsoft Teams™ for real-time collaboration and document coauthoring.

  • Add Microsoft Teams Phone™ for enhanced communication to call outside your network with external contacts no matter their location or device.

  • Sharepoint™ provides a robust platform for organizing and sharing content across your enterprise.

  • Use the powerful and familiar Microsoft Outlook™ email and calendar to make scheduling simple and straightforward.

You work, we take care of the rest

Microsoft 365® features a 99.9% uptime service level agreement (SLA). Beyond Microsoft’s guarantee, we take care of your IT support. If you have a problem, issue, or question, just call, email, or chat with us. 

We’re here for you 24/7/365.

A simple way to keep your email, files, and data secure

Microsoft 365 simplifies security with encryption, rights management, privacy protocols, automated backups, and data loss prevention. You also get compliant archiving requirements with eDiscovery and legal mailbox hold.

Plus, as a cloud-based application, security updates apply when they become available, keeping your email, your files, and your data protected with the latest security.

Enterprise-level functionality for organizations of any size

Cloud applications like Microsoft 365® make robust tools like the Microsoft Office Suite® affordable for businesses of every size. Choose the applications and services best for your business. If at some point you need more, they can be easily added.

Features you can choose from include: 

  • Microsoft Office Suite, online only or with desktop applications

  • Microsoft 365 for mobile devices

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • SharePoint site

  • Unlimited online meetings (Teams)

  • And much more

Eliminate the extra IT management work

Software licensing, application purchases, upgrades, updates – they all need managing. Unless that’s your job, these activities take time away from your core focus. Microsoft 365 eliminates this extra work.

Updates run in the cloud, meaning:  

  • They happen automatically

  • Less downtime for your team with updates or incompatible software issues

  • Your software always stays up to date    

And as part of our IT management program, we take care of adding/removing licenses, application deployment, and license renewals for you. You always have full view of and control over your technology ecosystem and costs. We just do all the work for you, so your IT infrastructure data is accurate, fresh, and up to date.

Optimize your continuity efforts with extended backup

Each M365 service – Exchange online, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams – provide individual backup and retention schedules. Our backup service for Microsoft 365 creates a uniform practice across the entire suite of products. This includes:

  • Backups conducted 4x daily (every 6 hours)

  • One year retention, with unlimited capacity

  • Multiple levels of data restoration

  • “Full fidelity” data restoration, including metadata and permissions

  • Restore data to “out of place” locations (not the original location)

  • Reverse unintended permission changes without the need for a full restore.

Please note: only sold with existing managed services for Microsoft 365.

Streamline your IT investment

Our managed IT service featuring Microsoft 365 gives you only the services you need:  

  • Never have extra, unused licenses or pay extra for that single license you need.  

  • You never have to ask an employee to go without.  

  • Everyone has the tools they need to create, produce, and communicate.

  • You’ll end the pain of costly software upgrades.

  • Your monthly data storage and backup demands decrease. 

It’s a win for you. It’s a win for your budget.