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Server-less Print Solutions

Simplifying IT infrastructure
management to make way for innovation

Consolidate your IT infrastructure and increase workforce agility, while protecting your documents, data and information with an optimized print infrastructure that allows you to better engage with your digital transformation vision. Even though every business is striving to reach its digital transformation goals, printing is still an integral part for some businesses. However, just because certain processes or workflows, within an organization, are tied to printing of various information, data, contracts or forms; doesn’t mean that the printing aspect of the business cannot be automated and made more secure. Reduce your investment on multiple print servers across offices and/or geographic locations through Ricoh’s server-less print solution.

Reduce print server costs through IT Infrastructure consolidation

Don’t overlook print optimization in your digital transformation journey.

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Using a server-less print solution allows you to consolidate your print servers across your office locations, both locally and globally. Not only does consolidating print servers save overall  operational costs, but it also helps enhance the security of your business’s overall print operations. Take the first step towards higher information mobility through optimized print workflows.

Eliminate dependencies that slow productivity

Optimize print server operating costs, while reducing waste.

To avoid heavy network traffic, organizations with multiple locations need to invest considerable resources in operating and maintaining a fleet of local print servers. Single server print solutions eliminate or reduce the number of costly print servers to free your capital investment. Save up to $6,349¹ per dedicated print server that you remove. 

Output Management reduces waste. It prints only what you need with less network traffic. You could reduce print output costs by up to 30%.² 

With up to 100+ web based reports, you will be able to view what is being printed and where. Right size your fleet and eliminate underutilized devices. Monitor individual toner and paper levels, and get alerts when they need to be refilled.

Cost and Waste Reduction

Increase network efficiency and decrease IT dependencies

Workforce agility allows businesses to grow faster and go further.

Regardless of how many printers you need or how many print users you want to scale up to; you can modify individual printer functions, or add/change locations on the fly without investing on multiple print servers. In addition, you can reduce 40-60% 3 4 of the time your IT team spends on print-related support calls. Free up your IT resources to perform high-value projects and tasks.

Maintain security & compliance

Manage printer configurations centrally across locations.

Server-less print solutions allow you to manage your printer configurations centrally, increasing security and compliance of your print workflows. 51% of employees usually print, copy or scan confidential information at work5. The card authentication system that accompanies our solution, secures print output, which eliminates the risk of documents sitting in the output tray and falling in the wrong hands. Educate your employees to enforce best practices and maintain privacy across your entire organization.

Cost accounting

Improve employee satisfaction

Enhance user experience for increased workplace productivity.

Improved User Experience

Experience less interruptions due to downtime and eliminate the need to download multiple print drivers.

Users can continue to print even if there is a WAN outage or a server failure. Users can print smoothly while optimizing other network services, even in remote locations.

Update drivers anywhere on the network with a few clicks - and define exactly how and when you want the driver to be used.  Updating a driver for the entire organization won't cause a network traffic surge because drivers will only be pushed out when needed - not all at once.

Experience Matters

For over 80 years, we have been helping our customers with their workplace needs. 


Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in business services, imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management solutions and IT services. We design innovative solutions that empower the digital workplace. We are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living and to drive sustainability. We imagine change.

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