RICOH CloudStream

Simplify print management with a cloud-native Software-as-a-Service platform.

The time to think about cloud printing is now

As hybrid work becomes more common, cloud printing is essential to ensure secured communication of information, reduce costs and keep workforces productive no matter where they are working. The all-in-one RICOH CloudStream accomplishes all of this with its vendor agnostic, scalable cloud print infrastructure that meets the needs of companies of all sizes.


  • Lessen the burden on IT, remove reliance on print servers, enable central management and virtually eliminate common IT helpdesk pain points.
  • Improve employee productivity while reducing maintenance and support with a universal print driver that standardizes the user experience across manufacturers.
  • Retain data sovereignty whether installed as a hosted SaaS solution or an on-premises hybrid cloud.

Support today’s hybrid workforce

Employees onsite, at-home and working from the mobile office can print anywhere, any time, and to any device with nothing more than access to an internet connection. This reduces the burden on IT, creates a consistent user experience, and helps to keep everyone productive and engaged.

Enable increased data security

RICOH CloudStream is ISO/IEC 27001 certified which includes SOC2 compliance as well as commitment to continual maintenance and improvement to ensure what's secure today stays secure tomorrow. With Canadian data sovereignty , RICOH CloudStream helps protect your private and confidential information and avoids other countries from acquiring that data.

Reduce costs while increasing workforce efficiency

Moving print infrastructure to the cloud reduces costs by eliminating local print server hardware and the costs associated with upkeep. Scaling to meet changing needs can be done quickly and without adding physical infrastructure, making growth easier. And IT will find it easier to manage, monitor, configure and update from a single, centralized location featuring a single, full-function print driver.

Experience secure scanning anywhere

Simplify user experience with the ability to scan from virtually any location securely. With RICOH CloudStream, you can effortlessly direct your scans to a destination of your choice – email, or a trusted repository in the cloud (SharePoint, OneDrive etc.) – regardless of vendor. By leveraging RICOH CloudStream, organizations can achieve an entirely new level of efficiency, simplicity, and productivity in your scanning operations and benefit from multi-vendor support for print and scanning management.

Who most benefits from RICOH CloudStream?

Any organization can realize ROI with RICOH CloudStream. Those who will see the fastest returns include those with:

  • Multiple locations
  • A hybrid, remote, or mobile workforce
  • Mixed printer fleets, printer drivers, and endpoint operating systems
  • Multiple print servers

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