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File Analysis & Migration

Accelerate information mobility & get content migration-ready.

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Organizations today generate more than 2.5 billion GB* of information every day. Files that are not classified or correctly attributed can lead to loss of time and money, while impacting productivity. It’s not enough just to convert information into digital files that exist in an undefined storage system. Your information should be more useful, more targeted and more mobile.

Let your information work for you

Find, process and move unstructured content in a few simple and easy steps.

Take the first step towards effectively migrating to an enterprise content management (ECM) system. Our File Analysis and Migration Solutions can help you identify the different types of files and data available across your enterprise and devices; scrub, sort and classify these files and documents into structured folders and have them migration ready. Businesses have the option to continue monitoring existing, as well as new, documents created within the system to maintain consistency in file classification and security of data and information.

Our new File Analysis & Migration solution can:

  • Find files across multiple enterprise platforms and devices.
  • Analyze information within the documents to identify type of data.
  • Remove redundant, obsolete or unnecessary trivial files.
  • Build a file taxonomy and attribute meta-data attribution to maintain document security, while making them easily search-able.
  • Categorize and classify documents before they are saved in appropriately named folders.
  • Accelerate migration of data to an ECM system of choice (if desired).
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Access information on the go

Find the information you want, when you need it.

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Our File Analysis & Migration Solutions can be implemented across multiple branches, offices or locations. Our solution can help your business:

Save Time & Money
By automating the process of finding, categorizing and classifying files, you can save weeks, months, even years of manual processes to structure and migrate content effectively into an ECM.

Improve Productivity
Because our solution runs in the cloud and does not interfere with source content, business units and users experience uninterrupted work-flow – it’s business as usual.

Provide Data Security & Compliance
While we collect the properties and attributes of the files for processing, all source content remain secure in their native repositories, keeping all corporate and sensitive data secure at all times.

Increase Cost-effectiveness & Flexibility

Our online environment makes it both easy to deploy and cost effective to implement, effortlessly scaling to support an unlimited number of users across multiple locations, enterprise platforms and devices.

Your data at your fingertips

Keep your data structured, easily accessible and safe.

Data Discovery & Classification

Find, analyze, classify and action data from multiple sources to identify and eliminate redundant and obsolete information. 

Privacy Compliance 
Locate and flag documents that contain personally identifiable information (PII); know what it is and where it is located, to 
protect it. 


Data Migration 
Structure and classify content automatically through metadata attribution for regulatory compliance. 

ECM Compatibility 
Our solution is a cloud-based information 
governance compliant system that supports nearly every ECM system available in the market today. 

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Experience Matters

For over 80 years, we have been helping our customers with their workplace needs. 

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*Source: Wikibon, A Comprehensive List of Big Data Statistics.