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Case Study: Alphagraphics (La Grange Park, IL) 

See how Alphagraphics partnered with Ricoh to improve its production print services

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For over 20 years, the La Grange Park, IL location of Alphagraphics built a loyal customer base on providing timely, reliable service. 

However, numerous service issues with their production printer threatened that reputation. Dealing with their vendor's cumbersome repair process took team members away from client consulting and other revenue-generating tasks. Also, colour inconsistencies and the printer’s slow speed cut deeply into the profitability of many print jobs.

Although we didn’t have a pre-existing relationship with Alphagraphics, Ricoh reps periodically checked in. When the lease on their equipment was set to expire, discussions became more serious about how we could help. After being impressed by what they heard, it was time to see what our equipment could do in person.


"As a family-owned, full-service print provider, we have to do more than promise results. We have to deliver them. With Ricoh, we have more control in the process, so we can complete print jobs on time, with outstanding quality every time."

Dave Schnell
Production Manager and Digital Specialist
Alphagraphics Franchise La Grange Park, IL. 






A team from Alphagraphics visited our Lisle, IL field office to see if our RICOH Pro C901 Graphics Arts+ printing system and RICOH Pro 8100s black-and-white production MFP were up to their standards.

After doing runs on normal and heavier paper stocks and comparing the results with their machine and ones from other vendors, Alphagraphics decided to acquire both printers.

What also helped us stand out are our Ricoh Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRUs). These allow their technicians to replace drums, rollers and fusing units themselves — saving the client time and money.


About Alphagraphics (La Grange Park, IL)

Even though it runs nearly 300,000 prints through its production devices every month, the La Grange Park, Illinois franchise of Alphagraphics is more than a print shop. For more than 20 years, the family-run company provided consultation and marketing services to help its customers grow their businesses.



Alphagraphics is now printing at a higher quality in less time and for less money — leading to more jobs moving through the print center and increased profits. The devices performed so well that:

  • Jobs moved from offset presses to the Ricoh machines.
  • Integrating variable data printing (VDP) led to increased revenue-generating business.

And when it comes to maintenance, Alphagraphics doesn’t have to contact our service teams often — the devices are durable, and their technicians can perform many of the tasks themselves. We largely just make sure they have the needed replacement parts, such as drums, toner and fusing units, in time to meet regular maintenance cycles. Being more self-sufficient has helped them meet deadlines easier and perform jobs quicker.