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 We're much more than just printers and copiers


Our company


Our company

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Ricoh transforms the way people work with breakthrough technologies that help businesses innovate and grow. Our focus has always been to envision what the future will look like so that we can help prepare you for success. Today, that means empowering digital workplaces with our broad portfolio of services, solutions and technologies — helping you remove obstacles to sustained growth by optimizing the flow of information and automating antiquated processes to increase workplace productivity.

Ricoh empowers digital workplaces

Ricoh provides digital workplace solutions to more than 1.29 million companies worldwide, creating highly effective and productive work environments. RICOH Digital Workplace Solutions combine the right experts, services, and technologies to optimize the flow of information so you can improve employee productivity, better serve customers, and grow your business.


Corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability

Recognized with environmental, sustainability, and green awards, we not only want to improve the world of work — but the environment as well. 


Customer Satisfaction


Join a continuously growing work environment,
collaborate with smart and inspiring people, and
help drive the new world of work. 

Ricoh programs

We team up with a number of leading companies to help us provide the solutions that best fit your needs. 


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