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Graphic communications

Create custom offerings while improving your customer experience and business outcomes.

What is graphic communication?

Graphic communication expresses ideas, thoughts, and messaging through visual design in both printed and digital media. As how we communicate evolves, so do the ways in which businesses communicate with their audiences. Today, traditional printed communications remain strong - from booklet making and binding to the wide variety of printed materials. Digital and automated graphic communications continue to grow in demand, especially as businesses seek unique and innovative ways to reach their audiences. 

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The importance of graphic communications

90% of all information communicated to the brain is visual. Graphic communications create a consistent experience across all platforms - a crucial part of your user experience. Whichever form of graphic communication you use in your business, it all works toward a common goal – to reach the intended audience and provide useful information. 

Once you’ve established a visual user experience, it can be implemented across all forms of customer-facing communication. From emails to direct mail to business signage – it creates one consistent look that your customers can rely on

Examples of graphic communications

The field of graphic communications has been taken into the future with the ability for augmented reality and eCommerce technology that takes your communication off the page. As a result, the types of graphic communications that exist have expanded:

  • Books

  • Printed media

  • Physical signage

  • Websites

  • Interactive content

  • Digital signage

  • eCommerce

  • Animation

  • Augmented reality

Where can I get training in graphic communications?

Advanced Career Education (ACE) for Commercial Print and Sign & Graphics provides a curriculum developed by real-world experts and thought leaders in their industry. Our program helps educators prepare students for a career in five practice areas: design, printers and workflow automation, finishing practices, tools, and technique, product, and business management.

Graphic communications professional services

With services dedicated to communications, signs and graphics, training and design, color management, and workflow, you can be assured that your business will run smoothly. 

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Graphic communications print solutions and services

Consider us your partner when it comes to inkjet, sheet-fed, and wide-format solutions for all of your printing needs.

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Graphic communications software and applications

Explore how our software and applications can bring some ease into your business with offerings like marketing automation and web-to-print.

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Graphic communications advanced finishing solutions

As your printing needs expand, we offer a variety of advanced finishing solutions to meet your needs and the needs of your customers with ease.

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