CIP ACE Solutions

Advanced Career Education (ACE) for Commercial Print and Sign & Graphics

A comprehensive school to career program

The ACE Vision

Born of a recognized need for vocational training in local underserved communities, ACE is committed to providing high-quality, accessible education. In partnership with the print industry, the program opens fulfilling career paths to a broader demographic, creating a way to wages that lead to personal and generational mobility. While bringing economic opportunities to students, ACE also helps print businesses find skilled job candidates and keeps the art of print alive for future generations.

Helping educators prepare students for success in the growing commercial print and sign & graphics industry

A curriculum developed by real-world experts

Program graduates receive CSGPS certification

Career guidance to match students with employers

Instructor support and opportunities

Empower job readiness in a growing industry

The commercial print and sign & graphics industry continues to grow and companies are looking for qualified employees. Speak with one of our representatives to get specifics of how the program can benefit your students and institution.