Intelligent Business Platform℠

Unlock the value of your data from a secured, easy-to-use cloud-based portal

Transform disparate data into actionable insights and efficient workflows

Automate tedious manual tasks. Replace inefficient, paper-based processes. And minimize errors and delays. Use the new Ricoh Intelligent Business Platform (IBP) to transform data into actionable insights and unlock the true value of your data — so you can accelerate innovation processes, reduce operating costs, make more informed decisions and better serve customers.

Up to 80 percent of business data is unstructured.* IBP makes accessing it simpler. The IBP is an ecosystem of Ricoh services that quickly captures data from multiple sources and formats, ensuring you have it the moment you need it. With IBP, you can reduce infrastructure and development costs, while simplifying the way you work and connect with customers.

Data insights to optimize business continuity

Use cloud services to simplify the way you work

  • Digitize data-rich workflows to optimize customer experiences

  • Automate end-to-end manual processes so employees can focus on high-priority tasks

  • Replace paper-based processes with proven and pre-built workflows

  • Take advantage of Ricoh's best-in-class technology stack and expertise to automate your business processes

  • Pay only for the services you want and the capacity you use

  • Avoid capital investment costs — minimize IT requirements

Add agility, be more responsive

  • Connect to a comprehensive library of applications and services and accelerate time to value

  • Minimize redundancies with a single source for your data

  • Give mobile users — including healthcare workers, insurance agents and others — fast, easy access to important data from any location at any time

  • Enable remote workers to connect with partners without compromising network security

  • Simplify compliance with general and industry-specific privacy regulations

  • Reduce the costs of managing and storing hard-copy content

  • Provide selective access to customers, partners and other external audiences to enhance digital collaboration

Find support every step of the way

Build your business intelligence with proven use cases