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Intelligent Capture

Free the business intelligence of your data by simplifying document capture, workflows & archival.

According to Forrester, less than 0.5% of all data is ever analyzed and used.1 Forrester analysts suggest that a typical Fortune 1000 company could see $65 million in additional net income if it could boost data use by just 10%.

There is a better way to move from paper or images to impactful information that helps you transform your business. Intelligent Capture is a key element of that transformation.

Document capture solutions that scale to your need

Once, budget and technology infrastructure limited your access to the business intelligence available from advanced capture solutions. Those days are over.

Today, Intelligent Capture services and technologies promise increased productivity and time savings that translate into overall lower reduced costs. The solution that will deliver the best results depends on two factors: document images to be captured and volume by location.

A strategic approach to Structured vs. Unstructured documents

Traditional capture software can handle most data capture for your structured documents. These are your static forms like invoices, statements, and sales orders. Unstructured documents pose a greater challenge. For accurate, efficient data capture, you need tools featuring AI, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP).

The complexity of your solution will depend on your capture requirements. You may need an Intelligent Capture solution. Or, you might find that a more traditional document capture will deliver the biggest immediate gains for your business.

By taking a strategic approach to your structured and unstructured documents, you’ll enjoy the biggest gains in time, efficiency, and savings. 

Will you benefit from Centralized or Distributed capture?

The right capture model plays a vital role in the efficiency of the process.

When to choose centralized capture…if you have high volumes and repetitive tasks, centralized capture in a shared service model ensures the professional efficiency and experience to deliver savings and increased productivity. There are various ways to deliver centralized capture, through a combination of high volume equipment, enterprise software, and onsite or offsite services.

When to choose distributed capture…if you have many sites with lower volumes, or if the need exists to capture information immediately at the point of service. You could accomplish this by using multiple on-ramps such as available MFPs, desktop scanners, and even mobile devices. This “hub-and-spoke” model can be effective at accelerating the flow of images and data to a powerful centralized platform for processing.

Maximize business results with an optimized solution

You can find turnkey capture workflows for common processes like AP/AR. Often, however, businesses have unique needs that require customized solutions.

We can work with your team to design custom software implementations optimized for maximum results to meet your specific needs.

Have questions about which Intelligent Capture solution may be best for your business? Please speak with one of our professionals for further details.

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