RICOH eForms Manager

Bring information mobility to your forms and workflows with eform software

eForms Manager can help boost your business agility

Bring information mobility and eliminate many of the bottlenecks and delays of traditional paper workflows with Ricoh eForms Manager. Businesses of all sizes can easily create and customize automated workflows that match their specific needs. With just a click of a button from a PC, tablet, or mobile device, our powerful eForms software securely automates reviews, approvals and other actions via alerts and notifications from anywhere. Enabling faster processes, reduces manual tasks and paper handling to drive productivity.


  • Accelerate workflow completion by capturing data in an immediately usable format
  • Dynamic workflow, data and approval routing replaces labour-intensive forms
  • Measure and improve productivity and processes with reporting
  • A low-code/no-code streamlining solution that can be easily implemented and integrated with a wide array of systems
  • Affordable and scalable SaaS model that offers enterprise-grade data security

Capture, communicate and move information fast

Basic web forms, PDF submissions, or documents sent by email rely on manual processes. Maybe they′re not paper, but they are error-prone and often cause process delays and version control challenges. Ricoh eForms Manager provides a fully electronic and user-friendly automated workflow solution that can easily handle multi-step processes seamlessly, and set intelligent rules for automatic reminders, escalations and handle exceptions. Users can also validate, populate, and calculate based on the information supplied for further efficiency gains.

Enhance workflow processes with monitoring and reporting

Make your existing processes even better by identifying workflow trends that give users insight into areas of delay and improvement. Built-in reporting shows users the progress of each task and captures data to reveal process efficiency and where workflow optimization might be needed. Detailed records of every workflow transaction also provide a full audit, exposing bottlenecks. With eForms Manager’s data intelligence, you will have access to powerful insights to help you and your team make process improvements to existing workflows or design new ones.

Improve employee and customer experience with integration

Integration streamlines data efficiency and keeps your data secured, optimizes your operation, and enables you to serve your customers more effectively from anywhere. Most organizations are reliant on a crowded assortment of systems and processes to get things done, which are expensive and not easily integrated with your operational needs and existing systems. eForms Manager provides a fully electronic and user-friendly automated workflow solution designed to easily integrate with systems including Microsoft SharePoint, Google Apps, and a wide variety of Ricoh document management systems to drive powerful and effective workflows.

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