Keep business information flowing with DocuWare

Increase business agility with DocuWare

Save, store, manage and share documents – regardless of format or source – in the office, at home or on the road. Simplify approvals and document processing with automated workflows. On-premise or cloud solutions enable you to boost user adoption, protect your documents and data, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

  • Keep your teams productive and business processes moving, wherever they work
  • Ensure your documents are secured, accessible, usable and compliant
  • Create seamless workflows with application integrations


  • Enhance efficiency as you find and retrieve all related documents with one search; sort and filter to narrow searches for faster results
  • Focus on strategy and growth as you reduce manual document handling tasks with automated capture, indexing, routing and archiving
  • Be more agile and competitive as you can respond to customer and business needs faster

An ideal solution for distributed and remote teams

Find and manage documents and workflows from your laptop, home PC through web clients, and smartphone applications through secured, controlled, and logged access only available to authorized users. Task lists, email notifications, and reminders keep everyone informed and digital workflows moving.

  • Access your documents anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Boost productivity by eliminating manual tasks and delays associated with paper documents
  • Position yourself to exceed customer expectations as you remove the barriers to customer service that distributed teams and paper can create

Accelerate the speed of your business with digital workflows

The less time you spend managing paper, the more you can focus on strategic, growth-oriented activities. Electronic documents and assets reside in a centralized repository which is backup, so they do not get lost, and can be secured, so they are only accessed by authorized individuals. Workflows built into DocuWare enable you to share the information at the speed of a click.

  • Pre-build workflows and document processes or create ad-hoc as needed
  • Flag exceptions for faster response and issue resolution
  • Empower everyone to get more done with faster approvals, reviews, and records retention policies

See results fast when you automate business processes

The movement of information drives your business. Regardless of the department or your industry, you can increase efficiencies and data security through automated business processes such as:

  • Accounting — Automate invoice approvals, 3-way matching and other AP processes as you monitor and verify purchases. Quickly provide PODs to accelerate Accounts Receivable with full process reporting for stress-free audits.
  • Human Resources — Streamline the interview process by routing paperwork, storing information in a secured, compliant location, and enabling employee self-service actions to collect pay stubs, complete forms, and more to save time.
  • Healthcare — Secured medical records processing with digital documents provides rights-restricted access to patient records including signed forms, test results, doctor’s notes and more, regardless of where the patient is seen.
  • Manufacturing — Keep process documents, material lists, and other production notes clearly documented to ensure production stays on budget and on schedule.
  • Education — Automate workflows for the processing and secured sharing of student records and financial documents, for example, knowing document storage and archival meets compliance requirements.

Protect your data and stay compliant

DocuWare supports HIPAA, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, SOC 2, Type I security and many other US and international regulatory guidelines through rights-protected access, legally binding digital signatures, file encryption options, and more.

  • All workflow and document access managed by password-secured rights
  • Control document versioning, changes to documents and who can view, edit, store, retrieve, change or move a document
  • Activity logging and reporting provide transparency
  • Create and manage records retention schedules
  • Encrypt data so it remains inaccessible even to system administrator

Leverage integrations to digitize paper and work anywhere

Simplify document archival and retrieval with line of business integrations into around 500 different applications. Store documents and emails from Outlook™. Transfer business data into applications like SAP, Sage, QuickBooks, MS Dynamics, and other ERP systems. With DocuWare integrations, you’ll get more done, faster.

Other integration features include:

  • Scanning, indexing and printing directly from your Ricoh device with a Smart Operations Panel 2.0 or higher into DocuWare with our free RSI DocuWare connector
  • Advanced integrations into 3rd party products through Smart Integration Workflows
  • Smart Connect which seamlessly connects applications to DocuWare for immediate retrieval and simplified document indexing and capture
  • Intelligent Indexing allows for automatic indexing based on document data to eliminate manual data capture and speed filing
  • DocuWare Printer which enables you to print directly from line of business applications
  • Mobile apps that turn your smartphone into a mobile scanner and give access to documents on the go

Do more for your business

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ECM & Workflow Services

ECM & Workflow Services

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