Simplify enterprise printing with centralized control and monitoring

Simplify and speed up information delivery

Your organization spends a lot of money to enable workers to share information. Still, ongoing issues seem to require more print servers, software and printers. And the more technology you have, the more time IT spends supporting it. Spending without centralizing is an expensive band-aid. Ricoh provides VPSX® enterprise output management software from Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. to help you capture documents from any application or platform. It simplifies how you collect, store and deliver information, making it accessible and available to the people who need it when they need it.


  • Capture documents from any application or platform
  • Save on equipment, supplies and support
  • Encrypt documents when you want to enhance security

Spend less on equipment, supplies and support

VPSX centralized printer management software can reduce the number of print servers you need, and all the costs, like floor space and energy, that go with them. And the printing problems that tie up help desk lines and cause countless job do-overs? VPSX software can verify that documents reach their intended destinations, like printers, fax servers and email addresses. It also includes automatic error recovery, network problem detection and remote problem resolution — all help save paper, toner and a lot of people's time.

Control how and where documents are printed

After you centralize enterprise printer management, you can see who is printing documents, where they're being printed and who is accessing information online. You can quickly reroute jobs if a printer stops working to help keep tasks on track. VPSX software can even accept data from enterprise applications and put it into different formats so it can be printed on any device.

Enhance data security for sensitive information

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to sensitive information. With VPSX printer management software, you can encrypt documents when you want to enhance security. And with the MFPsecure or Embedded MFPsecure add-on, users can authenticate their print jobs at the multifunction printer (MFP) itself. No more loose, vulnerable pages in the output tray.

Customize your solution with add-ons

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you're trapped with a product that can't grow with you. VPSX software comes as a base product with extensions, some of which are included in the base price. Customize your printer management solution with these and other add-ons, and you'll streamline information flow even more:

  • Mobile Connector — enable mobile workers to access, use and share information anytime, anywhere.

VPSX Extensions

The following VPSX® software extensions expand the functionality of the base product:

Reduce cost and help compliance efforts with printer reporting
  • The Innovate/Audit reporting module, included in the base price, captures VPSX and PageCenterX® activity.
  • You can make better, faster decisions based on data such as user ID, application, device, color/black and white, viewed and printed.


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