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RICOH Electronic Data Exchange

Get clinical systems and data integration.

RICOH Electronic Data Exchange (EDE) is a Ricoh software platform that enables you to transfer images and documents from document-based hardware devices into new or existing electronic workflows. EDE can assist you in eliminating tedious manual image transfers, image identification, and reducing the risk of human error.

Integrate with ease

Working with your existing workflow or healthcare infrastructure is of paramount importance and is a key component of the EDE solution. Whether it be using HL7 to interface with your EHR from popular vendors, or utilizing industry-standard protocols for secure data transmission and storage, we utilize market-leading InterSystems Healthshare® as our integration engine.

Our solution has been designed with Ricoh products in mind, including our innovative programmable cameras, Interactive Whiteboards, and industry-leading MFPs. You’ll realize the greatest efficiency gains and find peace of mind with respect to security with these products. However, we also realize that change is not always possible, so we can support interfacing with your existing products.

Reduce the risk for error

EDE adds a layer of software verification to captured images which dramatically simplifies the introduction of new information into the workflow while keeping confidential information safe. And because the flow of information into workflows is automatic, EDE dramatically reduces the risk for human error or information getting into the wrong hands.

Our solution provides simple operational controls and is designed to accept input from barcode readers that are commonly used in healthcare, which reduces data entry and associated typing errors.

Find ease of use

An important factor in the design of this system was its ease of use and implementation. With EDE you’ll see its ability to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately improve operational outcomes with very little setup time.

EDE's integration and automation of your critical documents and information eliminates human touch points, making it easier and faster to process data.

Support a variety of clinical applications

EDE can support a variety of clinical applications, some of which include: scanning documents into a patient's chart, digitization of received fax documents, telehealth applications with our Interactive Whiteboards and capturing and annotating photographs for wound care and other clinical uses.

Track usage

With EDE you’ll also have the ability to track data usage as each system has simple-to-view usage auditing and logging so you’ll know how your system is being used.

Get secure data transfers

We know the security of your organization’s critical information is a top-of-mind priority. This solution has been designed so that data in transit and data at rest can be encrypted, providing a more secure end-to-end handling of your confidential information.

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