For our wide variety of products, service competencies, security capabilities and overall infrastructure, we were awarded the contract to provide Managed Print Services (MPS) to the Government of Ontario under Vendor of Record (OSS-00457979) by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services’ Supply Chain Management.

We were awarded this contract with the Province after a long and detailed bid and evaluation process where it was determined that Ricoh had the best mix of products and services to meet the needs of the government.

Getting your equipment from the Vendor of Records agreement comes with many benefits, including:

  • Compliance with MGSC, SCO procurement process

  • Time savings not having to go through an Request For Proposal (RFP).

  • Cost savings through leveraging Government of Ontario buying power.

  • Environmental compliance with OPS Green initiatives.

  • Guarantee of quality, equipment & services

  • Additional terms not normally available to the Broader Public Sector (BPS).

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Comply with mandated information security standards

Print Authentication Services

Unintended exposure of confidential information can hinder compliance with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (P.I.P.E.D.A) as well as the Province’s information security standards (GO-ITS 25.0). Ricoh can help protect documents with secure print and secure release features that help control unauthorized access to documents and records on print devices. According to industry analyst Gartner Group, implementation of these technologies can reduce the number of abandoned print jobs by 10%.

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Your Ricoh multifunctional printer can be the on-ramp to your digital workflows. Our Advanced Document Capture Services scan and index unstructured paper based documents so that they can move securely through digital work processes and be searchable and retrievable for those who may need them in the future. Our document capture services can simplify routine document searches or even the most complex information collection and reporting applications such as Freedom of Information requests.

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In accordance with the terms of our agreement, we offer Ontario Government agencies and qualifying BPS businesses, a free consultation and current state analysis of print infrastructures, security risks, environmental impacts and costs. We are confident that through the negotiated contract we can recover costs that your organization can re-invest in patient care.

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In addition to Core Government Ministries and Agencies, many types of BPS organizations are eligible including:

  • Hospitals

  • School boards

  • University, College of Applied Arts and Technology and Post-Secondary Institution in Ontario

  • Children’s Aid Society

  • Community Care Access Corporation

  • Corporations controlled by one of more designated public service organizations that does purchasing primarily for said organization

  • Townships and cities

  • Publicly funded organizations that receives $10 million plus from the Government of Ontario

Even if your organization was not listed above, you may still be eligible. Please contact Ricoh at or by phone at 905-268-5555 to find out more.

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