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Alerts & Security Vulnerability Announcements


Update: Printer Security Program issued to address potential vulnerabilities in some of Ricoh’s printer/PC fax drivers

Ricoh released an updated security program to address additional vulnerabilities which may affect some versions of the printer/PC fax drivers used by certain Ricoh MFPs, printers and digital duplicators.

A complete listing of the affected models and how to securely set up your printer/MFP is now available.

Important product safety information (MPC series)

The multifunction color printer models in the MPC series have identified a rare potential safety concern.

Notice on CPU Vulnerabilities - Meltdown and Spectre


Ricoh is aware of the news regarding two security vulnerabilities called "Spectre" and "Meltdown" which were publicly disclosed on January 3, 2018. Both highlight the potential to extract information from a CPU cache by exploiting certain CPU hardware implementation mechanisms.

The security and integrity of our customers' data and devices remains of utmost importance to Ricoh. We are currently investigating to confirm whether any of our devices include and/or are affected by these vulnerabilities.

  • With this vulnerability there is the potential to extract information from a CPU cache by exploiting certain CPU implementation mechanisms. For this to occur, malicious code would need to be executed on the device.
  • Our Ricoh MFP/LPs only allow installation of programs which have been digitally signed by Ricoh. This means it is not possible for a malicious program exploiting this vulnerability to be installed on the device.
  • We are not aware of any data or security breaches to any of our customers at this time.

Our technology and security experts continue to work closely with other hardware and operating system vendors to develop an industry-wide approach to resolve this issue promptly and constructively.

As more information becomes available we will provide updates to this web page.

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