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Technology Consulting & Assessments

Customized plans that prioritize your business goals with technology alignment

Take a holistic view of your business and navigate today’s ever-changing competitive landscape. Our team of Virtual CIOs (vCIOs) can help you improve processes, identify IT gaps to develop technology roadmaps, design and implement infrastructure management strategies, meet compliance requirements and ensure success through change management.

Shift your IT infrastructure from one that merely supports day-to-day business to one that plays an integral part in building and supporting strategic business initiatives with an IT consulting partner. Your IT transformation could include enhancing your IT security, optimizing your IT infrastructure, migrating applications, transitioning to the cloud, or simply understanding your current IT architecture. We have the resources, experience and expertise to help you navigate the ever-changing IT landscape. We can help outline the software, hardware, people, processes, systems and cloud solutions your business may need to grow and be agile.


Our vCIO consultant’s and team of specialists’ partner with you to provide strategic insight and tactical “know how” to help you:

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  • Optimize costs using best practices to reduce spend and get more out of your IT budget
  • Minimize business risk with targeted risk mitigation and governance policies
  • Improve the security, mobility and performance of your business
  • Increase project success and completion rate with a step-by-step roadmap
  • Enhance back-up, recoverability and optimization of your data
  • Provide solutions to meet your business needs without unnecessary bells and whistles
  • Align IT to your business objectives and remove information silos

Our job is to learn more about your goals, listen to your pain points, understand your business objectives and make sure you make the most of your IT, regardless of where you are in your current state.

Receive expert guidance from our technology consultants

Get a customized technology plan that starts and ends with your business


Technology supports every aspect of a business, which makes it important for us to be strategic with available IT resources. Our team of virtual CIOs ask questions to better understand your business needs and objectives, assess your current IT infrastructure and systems and create a customized plan that prioritizes your business goals and aligns your business with the technology you need.

Our experts will analyze your current IT environment to help better understand the current state of your IT. Based on results, they will build out a detailed IT plan that highlights the most important changes that you need to implement today, versus those that you can implement over the course of the next few quarters. Within this comprehensive plan, our consultants will highlight details that roadmap exactly how you can achieve each of your IT goals and tasks within a specific time period using the budget you have.

In addition, Ricoh can also help with designing and implementing your entire IT infrastructure. The right architecture and skilled deployment of your company's IT infrastructure is the foundation for your business processes and applications. We can help cover the entire data centre from pillar to post and assist you in determining the right way to configure your infrastructure, whether on-premise, hybrid or cloud.

Understand the state of your IT

Get detailed understanding of your IT system gaps and how to fill them

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Disasters happen, but how you prepare for them, both before and after they take place, could be the difference between recovering your data in minutes rather than days or even weeks and the deciding factor between a business that gets back on their feet or closes their doors for good.

Ricoh's virtual CIOs and security specialists can help you build a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that's assessed, tested and retested before disaster strikes. From downed power and malicious attacks on your data to extreme weather or employee errors – we can help your business ensure IT reliability. Part of your business continuity plan also includes extensive data backup and archiving strategies to support information governance so that your data is available in the format you need and never out of reach. Backups can take place as per your business needs, up to multiple times a day.

IT threat levels to your business are higher than ever, making protecting your business a complicated task for your IT team. IT security services provide the assessment and remediation you need to stay ahead of threats. Our approach, based on governance, risk, and compliance best practices, quickly identifies vulnerabilities for security breaches, gaps that can result in cyber-attacks and other internal technology exposures before they impact your business.

Some of the assessments we carry out include:

Technology Infrastructure Assessment - Understand and document the current state of your systems, services and processes.

Security Infrastructure Assessments - Know how effective your safeguards are. Get an expert review of your security.

Cloud-readiness Assessment - Determine what you can move to the cloud and when.

Turning technology into innovation. Turning vision into reality. This is Insightful IT.

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  • IT Support Services

    Ricoh provides on-demand end-to-end IT Support Services aligned to your business needs. You can choose us to fully manage your IT department or augment the one you have. We are there for you 24/7 for 365 days a year. Get back to focusing on what you do best and leave IT to us!

  • IT Procurement & Project Management

    Spend smarter. We partner with the most trusted technology brands on the market, ensuring great pricing and availability of devices, servers and other hardware that your business needs. In addition, our PMP-certified team can keep your project organized and effective from beginning to end.

  • IT Security Solutions

    Ricoh is dedicated to helping you address unique and varied security challenges as they emerge. We provide customized security options for our customers and have a comprehensive suite of security solutions that address specific business need. Learn more