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IT Procurement & Project Management

Spend smarter & expect on-time, on-budget result

Almost 68% chief procurement officers feel that bad trade-offs during procurement deals have introduced significant or very significant new risk into their business.1

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Most organizations have noted the change in their business and competitive environment in past 12-24 months due to the advent of digitalization. This can be a large expenditure for most small and medium size business in Canada and can result in a change in the business model. To stay competitive and deliver enhanced customer experience, it is important to consult and partner with specialist who can leverage their relationships to allow businesses to manage costs, improve productivity and deliver on customer delight.

Decision making is integral to successful change. We can help make sure that you have the tools to make fast, precise and informed decisions that can allow your business to achieve it digital enhancement goals without impacting employee or customer experience. Regardless of the extent of updates or changes to your business and operating model, Ricoh IT Services can help you achieve your targets while staying within budget and meeting expected timelines.

Changes to a business model or operating structure can impact your functional teams, sales teams and customers. IT systems (including hardware) play a significant role in the success of your business. Therefore, your IT projects pose a large risk if not implemented appropriately. Our certified specialists can help you with a planned and smooth transition through change, whether its through leveraging our procurement relationships or implementing our project management expertise.

Spend smarter - harness our purchasing power

Make the right purchase to maximize your IT dollars

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We can help you transform your organization and keep pace with a rapidly changing work environment. And because your organization is unique, we'll do it in a way that makes sense for you. We'll tailor our services to fit your specific needs and goals and build a plan together that sets you up for success.

We partner with the most trusted technology brands on the market, ensuring great pricing and availability of hardware and equipment. Our procurement specialists can help ensure you make the right purchase to maximize your IT dollars and meet your business needs. We also provide services to procure, manage and monitor all your software licenses so you don’t have to. We provide license audits and co-terming support on an annual basis or following significant organizational change, so that you stay compliant, risk-free and competitive.

Ricoh’s IT Procurement Services can give you the competitive edge you need at a price that won’t break your bank. Here are a few benefits to our procurement and software licensing services:

  • Volume discounts with preferred pricing
  • Consolidation and sizing of required hardware, software, server, etc
  • Compliance with software manufacturers
  • Hardware warranty management
  • Ongoing software license audits
  • Scheduled hardware and software updates
  • Completely managed software licensing, update and termination process
We have the right experience, partners, people, tools, and resources to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Prepare, plan, succeed with your IT projects

Deliver on time, on budget project plans to meet business goals

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50% of technology projects need massive reworking before their end date due to lack of leadership, no plan or defined timeline or a poorly defined outcome.2

IT projects, such as an office move, data center configurations, or equipment updates, can put loads of excessive stress on your IT team. Usually, 54% of IT projects fail due to lack of project management, whereas only 3% fail due to technical challenges.3 Ricoh’s IT Project Management team of specialist can assist your business to plan, prepare and execute of your IT project, while delivering on time and within budget results to meet your business success goals.

Our PMP-certified team of specialists are designed to minimize the risk associated with your IT project plan and implementation. With our experienced team of experts, we will focus our resources to aggressively define your specific problems, solve them, and deliver high quality results throughout the project execution, all while keeping you well informed of progress. Achieving your specific goal, on time and within budget is our top priority.

We can help you:

  • Define what project success looks like
  • Create project workflows
  • Document project requirements and timelines
  • Establish effective project governance
  • Minimize downtime and manage risks
  • Outline clear roles and responsibilities
  • Reduce costly mistakes and scope changes
  • Set up an effective QA process
  • Manage change and internal/external communication
  • Create user-training plans
We also work proactively, initiating conversations to create plans concerning future projects, including hardware and software updates. Turning technology into innovation. Turning vision into reality. This is Insightful IT.

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