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Mail Processes

Streamline your mailroom processes, increase security and cut
capital expenses with a tailored, full-service digital mail workflow.

Digital Mail

Ricoh’s Digital Mail service will take care of sorting and distributing your mail, so you don’t have to. Take advantage of a customized digital mail centre, either on- or offsite that allows digitalised documents to be entered immediately into your workflows affording both in-office and remote employees timely access to information.


Digital mail services
  • Reduce delays in processing transactional mail to avoid unnecessary customer complaints, missed opportunities and increased costs
  • Centralized processing allows your business to take advantage of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Maintain continuity of communications even during emergencies or operational disruptions

Intelligent Delivery

Make sure your employees receive their mail no matter where they work from. With Ricoh’s Intelligent Delivery service, physical mail is delivered seamlessly by email so documents can be retrieved on any work device. 

As a core business function, this optimized approach helps create company-wide accountability, compliance and security. 



  • Eliminate the security risk of leaving mail unattended in physical locations 
  • Support a more remote workforce with anytime access to mail and correspondences 
  • Reduce the time spent manually sorting and distributing documents across workspaces
  • Create digital access to structured and searchable data for regulatory and compliance purposes 
  • Track activity to determine if mail has been received, viewed, or actioned

Return Mail


Avoid losing customers and revenue because of unseen or undelivered mail caused by incorrect data entry, improper postal codes, or a lack of forwarding addresses. Our Return Mail service is a fully managed solution to the costly problem of Return to Sender (RTS) and Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) mail.
  • Facilitate the collection and remediation of undeliverable mail across departments with a robust and repeatable automated process
  • Cut your remailing costs and reduce the threat of lost or delayed revenue 
  • Strengthen compliance with industry regulations and achieve sustainability objectives 

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