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Office digital planning

Line-of-Business Services

Intelligent automation services for non-strategic business operations.

Shipping Processes

With a global marketplace, shipping and logistics can become a complex and paper-filled process for even the most digitally advanced organizations. Ricoh can help simplify and streamline shipping workflows regardless of the size of your business. 


Shipping processes

We can help you process both standard shipping documents as well as customs and brokerage forms such as: 

  • Commercial invoices, bills of lading (BOL), waybills, invoices, proof of delivery (POD) documents as well as tax and country codes. 
  • Manifest/cargo control documents (CCD), Canada Customs forms (B3), import permits, health certificates, certificate of origin and any other applicable Federal and/or International Free Trade certificates

Claims Processes

Ricoh’s Claims Processes will give back valuable time insurance providers need to spend on caring for their customers.  


We can turn your current process into an efficient electronic workflow that will help you: 

  • Accelerate payments
  • Quickly confirm new policies
  • Expedite decision-making. 
claims processes

Financial Processes

Mortgage and loan applications generate a significant amount of paper documents.



financial processes

With the right automated approach, you can: 

  • Efficiently process and capture data from loan and mortgage forms, new client applications and title documents 
  • Expedite the approval process
  • Ensure compliance and regulatory standards are met

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