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Enterprise Content Management

Easily store, organize and access your information

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62% of respondents are struggling with unmanaged file shares and information silos, but 52% are working towards company wide ECM capabilities.*


Your organization has a lot of information — our Enterprise Content and Document Management solution can help you make sense of it. Wherever the location, whatever the format, we’ll take those pieces of information and put them together in a way you and your team can easily get, find, and use — improving collaboration and security, and reducing operating costs. Ricoh's coordinated team of experts will automate your core processes, with enough dynamic intelligence to facilitate your organization's resources and budget to stay focused on building value and making the right decisions.


Communicate and collaborate with ease


Find what you need, when and where you need it.

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If your organization's information is tied up in a filing cabinet or offsite storage facility, it's useless until someone is able to go and retrieve it. Even if you have digital information, you may still struggle to manage it.

Make your information work for your teams, wherever they are. With Ricoh's robust Enterprise Content and Document Management solution, you can rely on your organization's content to never miss a step throughout its automated processes, or to alert you of problems, track who did what, and when. Whether you are working with physical or electronic documents - across a multitude of platforms, they all can be captured, tagged, and economically routed, with proper accounting and disposition.


Tighten security on your information


Minimize the risks of storing paper documents in multiple locations.


Making your information accessible doesn't mean making it vulnerable. With Enterprise Content and Document Management, you'll get simple, powerful collaboration tools that help to protect your documents, including:

  • Tiered privileges that protect sensitive information — some users can view, others can edit, and some can’t even see that the document exists.
  • Password-protected document access.
  • Access records that let you see every time someone viewed a document or made changes to it.

You'll also have the ability to delete sensitive or space-filling documents after their useful life has ended.

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Reduce operating costs by going digital


Trade expensive, inefficient storage for more streamlined, productive workflows.

Your information, in and of itself, has little value if it is not easily accessible and relevant to those who need it. And if you're storing all of those files, either onsite or offsite, it can cost you big on your operating expenses.

Cut your budget by converting your files to a digital format, reducing or even eliminating your need for storage. With new, streamlined workflows, your workers can be more efficient and productive than ever — saving you even more.


See how Enterprise Content & Document Management can help your information flow freely

Organize your unstructured information into highly engineered digital workflow.

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*Source:  "Information Management in 2016 and Beyond", AIIM 2016 (Association for Information and Image Management, eBook, page 9). Accessed May 07, 2016.