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Smart Lockers

Dynamic and secure electronic storage solutions

Smart Lockers can help your organization adapt and be more efficient

Smart Lockers is the best solution to transform time-consuming manual tasks into automated processes. Built with digital technology beyond simple keyless entry, Smart Lockers offer fully integrated reporting and real-time management.

They can provide dynamic personal storage for hybrid workplaces, automated device management in warehouses, flexible click and collect for retail stores and secure parcel delivery in any setting. 
equipment stored in lockers

Where Smart Lockers can help your business

Office & workspace Smart Lockers

Support your workforce with secure personal storage and efficient automated vending, ensuring your employees have immediate access to everything they need to do their work effectively anywhere. Mailrooms and receptions can benefit enabling secure parcel delivery and the delivery of other personal goods.

Warehousing & logistics Smart Lockers

Smart lockers can automate the management of high-value devices, reducing loss, damage and management time. There is even the possibility to add charging plates. Personal storage lockers can also help you manage allocated space for large and fast-moving workforces - on a shift-by-shift basis.

Parcel delivery & document Smart Lockers

Commercial delivery partners and couriers can enable 24/7 pick-up, drop-off and returns of parcels from internal or external units. Create convenient print delivery workflows and maintain complete chain of custody for your critical documents.

Retail Smart Lockers

Retail smart lockers allow customers to benefit from the ease of shopping online and offer immediate, flexible collections. An order is assigned to a locker, and the customer will be automatically notified when it's ready for pick up. Offering a user-friendly and flexible click and collect experience, Smart Lockers can refresh your shop floor.

inventory in digital lockers

Ensure faster package delivery with real-time asset availability

We know large remote or hybrid workforces challenge package and parcel delivery, especially with variable mail quantities. You’ll find managing both the fluctuating volumes of mail and the shifting workforce easier when onsite and remote employees have a secured place to receive their packages.

As packages arrive, the package management system:

  • Registers each one into a cloud-based platform, scanning and assigning a smart locker and a release code
  • Sends an email to the recipient with the relevant information, so the employee can pick-up the package(s) when convenient
  • Records and stores the transaction data for tracking, reporting, and analysis

Smart Lockers are an innovative combination of flexible workspace storage and the latest connected technology. They provide advanced storage solutions that offer 24/7 manageable access, end-to-end tracking of usage, new more efficient business processes, automation and full management reporting capabilities.

Customer Use Cases

See how cutting-edge Smart Lockers are helping these customers increase innovation, demonstrate commitment to efficient and sustainable business processes, and creating stronger client relationships.

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