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Make large presentations easy to manage

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93%                                                 Percentage of business professionals who use their iPad® for work related activities.*

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Connect and collaborate with Ricoh's business technology solutions that help your organization deliver a high-tech business experience. Our paperless approach to presentations, interactive technology and space utilization help you lower costs and streamline your business practices.


Maximize business practices with smart technology

When your presentations are done efficiently, your business will be too.


According to a recent study, 67% of business professionals in North America say they “always” use their iPad for work communications and younger workers prefer using their tablets rather than dealing with paper.* Your presentations are no exception.

Let your employees interact with large documents and presentations in the formats they prefer. With our business technology solutions, you can create a tech-ready environment where they use their mobile devices to pull up relevant information, make notes and changes on the spot, and immediately save documents to their devices.


We offer a variety of interactive and smart business technology solutions, including:

  • Interactive whiteboards to display, present and deliver content to one or multiple audiences.
  • RICOH Smart Presenter to share presentations directly to Windows® and Apple® devices
  • Unified communication system apps to allow true visual collaboration anytime, anywhere.

Book your next meeting from wherever you are

Use your email calendar or apps on your mobile to send a booking request.

When you need a meeting room, you don't always have time to go through a complicated, labourious booking process. Don't put your collaborations on hold. With our meeting room solutions, you can find a room, check its availability and book it immediately from wherever you are — using your existing email calendar system or apps on your mobile device. You can also use the same program to invite required recipients, notify reception about visitor arrival times and, if required, book additional audio-visual equipment.

Forgot to book a room? Don’t panic. And don't waste time guessing. We can provide digital touchscreen devices outside each meeting room, so you can instantly and easily view availability in real time. See if a room is open or booked (and who booked it), along with its schedule for the rest of the day.

Optimize your space

Get informed about how meeting rooms are being used

Does one meeting room appear to be constantly booked and even double booked while another down the hall sits empty? With the right tools and technology you have the ability to find out how your meeting room space is being utilized and how frequently each room is being booked and requested.

Get the information you need in a single interface, so you can get the whole picture when it comes to space utilization. Discover what features your people need the most and make intelligent decisions on how to improve your spaces.


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*Source: IDG Survey, 2012.