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Connect & Collaborate

Make large presentations easy to manage

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Connect and collaborate with Ricoh's business technology solutions that help your organization deliver a high-tech business experience. Our paperless approach to presentations, interactive technology and space utilization help you lower costs and streamline your business practices.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365

Change how you work with Microsoft Office 365, the world’s leading cloud-based productivity platform. Give your teams access to the tools and information they need, whenever and wherever. Combine with Ricoh Collaboration Boards and software to supercharge your hybrid workforce! 

Collective Imagination

Are you concerned about the costs and security associated with video meetings?

Video meetings are the natural choice for business continuity planning, but does your current solution come with security concerns and unforeseen additional costs? 

Ricoh's collaboration solutions allow for real-time interactive audio and video communication with secure connections for up to 100 people on a reliable global network. 

Reduce the cost of communication and

Our solutions meet today's remote collaboration and conferencing needs while helping businesses achieve reduced costs. 

Benefit from: 

  • Reduced travel time and expenses for staff and IT
  • High quality training and troubleshooting sessions for partner networks. 
  • IFPD use, portability and interactivity across workspaces.
  • Fewer IT requests for assistance 
Connect and Collaborate
Collaborative Learning Environment

A collaborative learning environment

A collaboration driven classroom environment is now the  new world of learning with solutions from Ricoh’s expanded interactive flat panel displays and distance learning platform.

Students need a learning environment that fosters productivity through collaboration. With Ricoh's expanded interactive flat panel displays and distance learning platform, classrooms can enter a new world of learning that helps students achieve success. 

An innovative workplace ecosystem

Transform any space into a collaboration place

Our Connect & Collaborate concept is driven by making it easier to raise productivity, improve service levels, and enhance your environmental track record. 

How? By providing tools for effective communication and collaboration, with specialists dedicated to supporting your ideal visual communications environment.




Innovative Workplace Technology

Hardware and Software

  • Interactive Whiteboards/ Flat Panel Displays

    Our interactive whiteboards encourage innovative, engaging hands on collaboration.                             

  • Microsoft Office 365

    Change how you work with Microsoft Office 365: a cloud-based solution and the world’s leading productivity platform. 

  • Collaboration Solutions

    Take your meetings and presentations to a whole new level of engagement with RICOH Collaboration Boards and Reactiv SUITE.

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