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Eco-Friendly Paper

Achieve environmental sustainability with our eco-friendly product

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Ricoh continues its commitment to the environment and eco-friendly products by offering TreeZero paper- the only 100% tree free,  carbon neutral multipurpose paper made from sugarcane waste fiber in North America*.

TreeZero Paper

At Ricoh,  our commitment to the Environment is exemplified through the use of TreeZero paper at selected Ricoh locations.  We also support the Sustainability efforts of our customers by making TreeZero paper available to order.

TreeZero  is 100% tree free, multipurpose paper manufactured entirely from sugar cane waste fibers. It is also carbon neutral as TreeZero have purchased carbon offsets from Wildlife Works.

This high-quality multipurpose paper does not contain any wood based fibres or post-consumer waste.
Reams of Tree Zero paper.
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Eco- Friendly Paper Products

TreeZero paper answers the rising need for organizations that wish to become more environmentally responsible, but still demand a high quality paper.

  • Manufactured from 100% bagasse, a by-product of sugar cane.
  • One seeding yields over 3 harvests.
  • The sugar cane process creates its own fertilizer.
  • TreeZero paper is a cellulose fiber which allows for normal recycling.

Product Certified Paper

TreeZero is also fully certified to the following standards:

  •  BASIC 2010 
  •  ISO 9001 
  •   ISO 14001 
  •   OHSAS 18001
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