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Corporate Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability

Driving sustainability for our future. 

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sustainable development goals

Driving Sustainability for Our Future.

When we pursue success, there is only one way we want to achieve it: responsibly. Ricoh supports the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a global partnership to address the challenges our world faces. The SDGs are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Our building blocks for these initiatives include people (society), planet (environment) and prosperity (economic activities).
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Ricoh earns ENERGY STAR Canada Manufacturer of the Year Award for Electronics for the 2nd Year in a Row

Ricoh Canada, Inc. is proud to announce that it has received the 2020 ENERGY STAR® Canada Manufacturer of the Year Award for Electronics for its excellence in the arena of advancing market transformation on energy efficiency in Canada. These latest accolades acknowledge our work to foster environmental sustainability in our own operations and evangelize on behalf of sustainability to customers and the business community. As a company, we have committed to reducing the total lifecycle CO2 emissions of the Ricoh Group by 30 percent by 2020 and by 87.5 percent by 2050.

Save money and help save the environment

Ricoh’s ENERGY STAR®-rated products offer the economic benefit of energy efficiency without sacrificing performance. Our equipment features energy-saving options like Sleep Mode and Quick Start-Up, and resource-saving options like Automatic Duplexing — while maintaining your productivity.

Energy Star Award 2020

Our duty is to not only look out for our customers, suppliers and employees, but society and the planet, too. So when we pursue success, there’s only one way we want to achieve it — responsibly. Ricoh's corporate social responsibilities charter includes these principles that guide our actions:

  • Integrity in corporate activities

  • Harmony with the environment

  • Respect for people

  • Harmony with society


Toner Bottle and Cartridge Return Program

Recycling and resource recovery are an important part of any sustainability efforts. As part of our sustainable business practices, we offer various programs to help you recycle your used consumables, imaging equipment, parts.

By working together, we can protect the environment, use resources efficiently and reduce needless waste.

Equipment Recycling

Floor standing multifunctional devices

In our ongoing efforts to redirect waste from landfill, Ricoh Canada runs a recycling program for all Ricoh equipment sold in Canada. Through this recycling program, your  floor standing device will have the non-recyclable parts removed, and the remaining recyclable elements reduced to pieces, (approximately the size of a nickel) before being separated into various metals and plastics to be used for new products. For every Ricoh machine that is recycled by Ricoh, 98.4% of the machine is recovered in the recycling process.  

For more details on how to have your Ricoh floor standing device recycled, please contact your local Ricoh branch or dealer.

Equipment Recycling


Everybody should be able to use our products to their full potential to contribute to organizational productivity. That’s why we strive to meet the highest Accessibility standards.

Learn how we incorporate accessibility and usability into our product design process to guarantee our products' compliance with Accessibility standards.


Biodiversity and Environmental CSR

Biodiversity, or the variety of life on Earth, consists of species that interact with and depend on each other for survival — humans included. Read about our sustainability goals and the actions we take to conserve that biodiversity locally and globally

Conservation Programs and Certifications

The Earth's resources are limited and precious, so we want to conserve energy wherever possible. Learn how you can lower your energy use and operating costs through our green manufacturing processes and compliance with ENERGY STAR®, Ecologo® and ISO 14001. Read about tools and services that help you gather the information you need to make green choices.


Safety data sheets

To support our environmental sustainability and product compliance efforts, we provide safety data sheets (SDS) that describe the proper use of chemical substances and the emergency measures you should take in case of an accident.  Click on the Canada button through the attached link to access Ricoh's SDS Database.

Green procurement

Concern for the environment is in our DNA. Ricoh Company Ltd. is the driving force for sustainability throughout the entire organization, and it provides the standards and guidelines that all Ricoh companies follow. Collectively, our environmental efforts roll up into the Ricoh Group Sustainability Report, which includes information on green procurement and other green initiatives. 

Green Reporting

The use of Green Reports from Ricoh’s @Remote Intelligent Remote Management System, provide customer’s staff the necessary tracking information required to identify printing and copying trends, overall paper consumption as well as provide information to increase efficiency of the technology to minimize overall carbon footprint.

With @Remote its easy to incorporate aggregate savings into environmental reports: 

  • Create Paper Consumption & Power Consumption Reports for your @Remote compatible managed devices.
  • Paper and Power Consumption Reports display a summary of applicable devices with the ability to “drill down” to see the information on a model by model basis or by individual device.
  • Track your paper usage in terms of sheets of paper saved, and visualize the impact upon the environment in terms of trees saved, and CO2 consumed by the trees that were not cut down.
  • You can also track your power usage and visualize the impact upon the environment in terms of potential reduction in CO2 production from decreases in power production.

Eco-Friendly Paper

As customers and shareholders become increasingly concerned about where and how their products are made, they are demanding companies that use paper products that come from a sustainable and responsible source.