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Digital experience solutions

Engage customers and employees as you simplify application use and management.

What is a digital experience?

A digital experience is how customers, partners, or employees interact with an organization through a digital touchpoint to purchase, manage, or communicate. Digital experiences deliver immense benefits to both the user and the organization in terms of simplicity of access and self-service, elevating the overall customer experience.

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Examples of digital experiences

Today, we encounter digital experiences everywhere. For example, when you reserve a flight online and it is automatically added to your calendar across devices. Any time you use an app on your smartphone is another example. 

As consumers, we are likely familiar with digital experiences. Many businesses provide them for their business customers too, such as self-service eCommerce experiences or managing a business services account via an app or website.

Digital experience platforms come in many shapes and sizes

Gartner® defines digital experience platforms as “a well-integrated and cohesive set of technologies designed to enable the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences across multi-experience customer journeys.” 

B2B solutions like the SiteCore Experience Platform®, Salesforce Experience Cloud®, and Adobe Experience Manager are examples of digital experience platforms.

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Leverage digital experiences for increased operational efficiencies

Self-service and centralized digital experiences have become more and more a part of the life of our customers. See how we are delivering digital experiences to simplify the access, management, and purchase of digital solutions for all of our customers.

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