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Work Anywhere

Keep employees working together, productively and securely - anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

We all need better ways to work with technology, information, and each other

Cloud workspaces, systems, and applications have become increasingly common as organizations adapt to remote and hybrid work environments. Yet, while they increase collaboration and communication between employees working anywhere, they force business and IT leaders to consider serious questions:

  • Are they secured?

  • Do their collaboration tools meet the business needs?

  • Are they actually improving productivity?

Work Anywhere delivers a secured and customizable, all-in-one cloud workspace that delivers security, collaboration, and productivity - all managed by a team of IT Services experts.

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What is a cloud workspace?

A cloud workspace centrally manages all of a user's apps, files, and devices via a digital desktop tied to their user identity, enabling the user to work from anywhere in a secured cloud environment. Work Anywhere combines the security, collaboration, and productivity benefits of a cloud workspace in a quick-to-deploy managed service.

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Work better, together, with Work Anywhere

A secured cloud work environment

Keeping your business information secured - no matter where you and your teams work - is the top priority. The Work Anywhere secured, centrally managed cloud environment built on the Microsoft® 365 security suite gives you:

  • A unified solution that eliminates common security gaps from having multiple vendors

  • Multi-factor authentication and end-point protection

  • Continually updated capabilities to meet new threats as they emerge

  • Confidence to work on any device, from any location

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Cutting edge hardware with expert support

Instant Workspace™, an optional Work Anywhere PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS), gets employees working quickly and simplifies IT asset management and deployment. Includes cutting-edge end-user hardware built specifically for your business, combined with expert support.

  • Desktop or laptop

  • Monitor + Camera + Mic + Speakers

  • Keyboard + Mouse (wireless)

  • Surge Protector

  • Keyboard Wrist Rest

  • Mouse Pad + Wrist Rest

With its predictable cost structure set within a flexible subscription model, your team can optimize costs while empowering your workforce with the latest technology.

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Trusted apps drive productivity and results

Familiar Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more available on more devices and in more places enable employees to stay productive anywhere, anytime.

  • Enjoy optimized performance across all devices

  • Work more efficiently with cloud-connected access

  • Simplify daily activities with automated workflows

  • Benefit from always up-to-date and secured tools

The result? Increased efficiency to meet the needs of both the business and employees.

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Powerful collaboration tools bring your people together

Connect and collaborate more easily to build business success and better, authentic relationships. Featuring the Microsoft Teams collaboration app, you and your teams will:

  • Work together in real-time

  • View content in a browser with device syncing for offline access

  • Communicate via messaging and virtual meeting spaces

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Expert managed IT services to support business goals

Building and configuring a comprehensive set of business technologies takes time and resources. As a managed service, our expert team becomes your partner in the implementation, configuration and management of the systems, as well as actively supporting ongoing employee training to keep your business productive and secured.

Together, the technology and managed services deliver a robust and well-balanced technology stack with significantly reduced security risks for a cloud work environment you can count on today - and with regular application updates, tomorrow too.