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IT Project Services

Complete your IT projects on time, within budget and with expert experience.

Ensure IT project success

Detailed planning, IT project management, and defined project milestones ensure projects finish successfully and on-time. For many technology leaders, an IT project forces overtime or choosing between the project and day-to-day tasks. The result is excess stress and an increased risk of errors that could require significant project reworking.

Ricoh’s IT project services can help. Whether you need an extra set of hands or full IT project management, our experts can plan, document, lead, and execute IT projects of any scope or size. Cloud migrations, network design and upgrades, an office move, infrastructure updates and more, we will work with you to complete your project on time and within budget.

50% of tech projects need significant reworking before they are finished. Common reasons for this include poorly defined outcomes, overburdened leadership and no set plan or timeline.¹

Outsource all your IT project management – or just some of it

We can help plan, design, deploy, and deliver specific outcomes for an entire project, or we can fill-in where you need us. Find the specific skillset you need to complete a project. Hire a team to scope and execute the IT projects needed but that exceed your current team’s capacity. Whatever you need, our experts will help keep you on-time ad on-budget to keep your business agile, productive, and your technology predictable.

Save time and control budgets with strategic planning

Only 3% of IT projects fail due to technical issues. The majority of struggles are attributed to inadequate planning and project management. Proper planning with detailed project plans can mean the difference between success and costly delays.

Our IT project-based services team features IT professionals who can help you create strategic plans for your next IT project. We work with you to:

  • Understand your current environment

  • Plan to meet your needs today, and tomorrow

  • Implement solutions

  • Train your teams, if needed

Our close relationships with third-party vendors allow us to guarantee the right software and equipment for each project while keeping you on budget.

From purpose, objectives, constraints, and project deliverables to scheduling and budget summaries, a lot goes into every IT project. Our team has the engineering talent paired with project management experts to provide careful and meticulous planning for every step of your next IT project.

Comprehensive IT services to run a project or fill resource gaps

Organizations of all sizes rely on our IT project services. You’ll find it easier to plan for expenses while still receiving expert, top-tier security, reliability, and support. Some of the projects we’ve done include:

  • Application development

  • Automated workflows

  • Microsoft 365™ migration (was Office 365™)

  • Cloud transition

  • Network upgrades

  • Desktop refresh

The IT resources you need, when and where you need them

Our partnerships with leading technology providers enable us to deliver best in class hardware, software, and data center and cloud solutions. Small and mid-market businesses and enterprises can always find the technology they need.

And with the growth in remote workforces and increased travel challenges, it isn’t just about expertise – it’s also about location. In addition to remote support professionals, we have IT professionals who can help onsite in offices and facilities to see your project through to completion.

With Ricoh's IT Project Services, you always have the staff and equipment on hand that your project requires.

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