Kofax ControlSuite

Printing, document capture and workflow automation in a single, fully integrated suite

Enjoy new document productivity while bolstering information security and compliance

Kofax ControlSuite lets you take advantage of using a Ricoh multifunction printer (MFP) as an essential component of your document and business processes — all while making these activities more efficient and more secured. With a single solution to actively manage and govern virtually every aspect of document distribution, ControlSuite combines the best of print, capture and output management technology.

Key ControlSuite capabilities:

  • Print Management (powered by Kofax Equitrac) — provides unified authentication (MFP and mobile), secure print release, usage tracking and auditing
  • Information Capture (powered by Kofax AutoStore) — provides multi-channel (mobile, MFP, desktop, email) capture, OCR conversion and system-to-system connectors
  • Output Management (powered by Kofax Output Manager) — provides the ability to improve print applications by modifying print stream contents, preventing the unauthorized flow of sensitive information


  • Improve productivity through automated workflows and routing of documents
  • Enhance business processes to maximize organizational efficiency
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards and financial, operational and tax regulations
  • Protect company data with documents that are secured at all locations within a workflow

A new way to manage document-centric information

Documents are essential to day-to-day business processes, but unmanaged documents can expose your business to unnecessary risk. Cobbling multiple solutions together to meet your various needs is not only cumbersome, it can also leave you open to potential security threats. ControlSuite is different, providing customers:

  • A single, fully integrated and secured solution
  • A common user experience across multiple capture channels (desktop, email, MFP, mobile)
  • Printing, document scanning, data capture and information routing capabilities — including image enhancement, barcode recognition (1D/2D), full test / zonal text / hand printed optical character recognition (OCR), metadata capture and real time redaction
  • The ability to customize specific workflows by user, without having to burden IT

User-friendly productivity

ControlSuite makes it easy for users to be efficient and productive with a common user interface for all document-related processes:

  • Follow-you printing capabilities — empower workers to print and retrieve documents on-demand
  • Business Connect Cross Platform Integration — provide iOS™ and Android™ mobile capabilities to mobile workers or remote offices
  • Micro Card Reader — has a flexible, compact design that allows the card reader to be embedded internally in the MFP or used externally for print authentication

Scalable and expandable

ControlSuite's scalable server makes it easy to configure and scale the solution to meet your evolving needs:

  • Add workflow destinations with 40+ pre-built business system connectors — including the Epic connector for Output Manager in Healthcare
  • Leverage cloud capabilities with multiple pre-built cloud storage connects — including Box™, Google Drive™, OneDrive® and SharePoint®
  • Initiate various capabilities as sharable services at any step in the workflow — from printing and scanning to email receipt, system output streams and data exports

Easy to install and support

Free up time spent on installation and support and give IT the ability to focus on other value-adding tasks:

  • Use a single installer and configuration interface for print, capture, and output management
  • Automatically check that pre-requisites are met before installation
  • Manage all applications in one administrative interface
  • Utilize load-balancing and failover support
  • Simplify processes with bi-directional database integration

Control for audits and compliance

ControlSuite speeds productivity, minimizes security breaches, and reduces compliance costs. Easily meet compliance regulations with a suite of auditing and compliance tools:

  • User-based authentication — ensure documents do not get in the wrong hands
  • Automatically-generated audit trails — track your documents wherever they go
  • Advanced information protection — enable watermarking, encryption and conversion capabilities
  • Reporting capabilities — report on all print, capture and routing activities, even at the user level