Centralized, secured enterprise information, content and workflow management

Streamline records management and workflows while empowering employee productivity

Solve the challenges of unstructured data, compliance and regulation requirements, and the need for greater efficiency of business operations with Laserfiche, a robust, dynamic, and secured content services platform. On-premises, hybrid, and cloud implementations available and supported by Ricoh professional services to meet the specific records management needs of your organization.


  • Simplify document and information management to empower efficiency across the enterprise.
  • Boost data and information security to ensure compliance with this DOD-certified Records Information Management solution.
  • Features advanced capture of unstructured data, eForms, and business process automation workflows.

Work and collaborate more efficiently with centralized, secured document management

Documents and information can be viewed and shared by team members working in the office or remotely while access rights secure documents and information for visibility and use to only authorized parties. Employees will find collaboration easier and get more done, more quickly.

Boost productivity by reducing manual, repetitive tasks

Building automated workflows is simple with Laserfiche. Low-code, no-code drag-and-drop tools, and quick deployments make it possible for business processes to be digitized and automated and repetitive, manual tasks reduced, enabling a greater focus on strategic efforts.

Manage information with less effort

Advanced capture tools help put order to documents with unstructured data for faster routing, sharing and storage. eForms reduce the movement of information from paper to digital, speeding workflows. Together with automated workflows, audit trails and reporting, your information will be more secured and simpler to manage.

Integrate with current systems for improved information and data exchange

An extensive API library allows for connecting many of today's common business applications, streamlining the flow of information through the organization in a secured and automated way. A robust software development kit (SDK) enables organizations to further optimize the use of current systems to drive productivity across the enterprise.

Get started quickly with expert professional services

Our professional services teams will work with you from solution identification – on-premises, hybrid, or cloud, to design and implementation. Ongoing support options available to meet the specific need of your business, to ensure your teams remain efficient and your information available and secured.