RICOH Streamline NX

Scalable integrated platform solution offering device management, printing, scanning, and more.

Simplify management of devices, printing, and scanning while securing business data and information

Streamline NX simplifies device management, enterprise printing, and print cost accounting for IT and finance teams while empowering all team members to contribute to information and data security. With simplified device administration, reporting, and tracking, you will gain a new level of transparency into print usage and costs for more informed decision-making. Add optional modules: Scan & Capture, Secure Print, PC Client, @Remote, and Certificate Enrollment Service for advanced capabilities.


  • Monitor and manage all MFPs and printers through one dashboard.
  • Ease workloads for IT, finance and team members as you simplify setup, management, and reporting while reducing costs.
  • Protect, capture, and manage information and output more efficiently.

Streamline operations with centralized print management

IT professionals and other team members involved in managing print output and costs will find the modular nature of Streamline NX refreshing. Rather than multiple applications, it is a single, modular software suite with a single interface, making it easy to manage and administer. Adjust user settings, add printers, schedule reporting or create ad hoc reports, and safeguard data communications by automating the deployment and renewal of device digital certificates from a single interface, in the office or remotely, on your PC or mobile device.

Increase accountability with user and device reporting

The use of network logins, PIN codes and card authentication at the MFP enable you to know who’s printing and scanning, what’s being printed, and to assign chargebacks or departmental spend. Tracking print and copy output helps teams and departments make informed decisions to ensure productivity and meet sustainability and cost initiatives.

  • Access 90+ reports with data about devices, jobs, environment, and more
  • Track user access and print behaviors with detailed usage reports
  • Set output and account limits by device, group, document and page characteristics
  • Enable client billing and print cost attribution

Manage remotely, in real-time, with mobile convenience

Mobile devices can be used for administrative tasks and management like checking device status, changing device settings, tracking user activity, troubleshooting, releasing print jobs, and sharing files or initiating workflows. Administrators can receive notifications and alerts to stay informed wherever they are working. Team members and guests can print via mobile while keeping data secured.

Boost data security and reduce risk with secure print option

Users can send and receive information quickly, securely and consistently based on their unique roles. Print jobs are held until the user authenticates and releases the job at a printer, eliminating unattended documents or being collected by the wrong user. Releasing jobs will require users to log in at the device using various authentication methods like PIN code or card/badge login identification. Data encryption adds another layer of security.

Speed information through your business with scan and capture option

Move information anywhere at any time by scanning, converting hardcopy documents into electronic files, and extracting specific data with Zonal OCR and Barcode functionality. Workflow automation of predetermined workflows or ad hoc selection of destinations can route documents to a myriad of destinations including everyday business applications like an accounting system. Used with the secure print module provides additional security and document controls.