RICOH Print Management Cloud

About RICOH Print Management Cloud

Manage your print infrastructure with ease. RICOH Print Management Cloud (PMC) is a unique all-in-one print infrastructure solution that enables organizations of all sizes to benefit from the agility and innovation of cloud technology. Streamline your print infrastructure, eliminate print servers and reduce your IT burden with this cost-effective SaaS solution. Take print management to the cloud. It’s just simpler.


  • Lessen the burden on IT, remove reliance on print servers, enable central management and virtually eliminate common IT helpdesk pain points.
  • Improve employee productivity while reducing maintenance and support with a universal print driver that standardizes the user experience across manufacturers.
  • Retain data sovereignty whether installed as a hosted SaaS solution or an on-premises hybrid cloud.

Modernize your print infrastructure

Provide your end-users with hassle-free printing that aligns to your broader cloud strategies. Move forward with confidence that RICOH PMC has the flexibility to accommodate your print management needs today – and in the future.

Make your printing contactless

Businesses continue to focus on creating smart and safe workplaces. Manage the use of high-touch equipment like printers with RICOH PMC to enable end-users to print without touching the device control panel – seamlessly, safely, simply.

Take print to the cloud

Multiple locations, printer manufacturers and print drivers mean multiple headaches for IT and end-users alike. RICOH PMC is manufacturer agnostic and can set location-aware printers that enable users to access a printer seamlessly and securely – regardless of network or location.

Keep it secure

RICOH PMC is ISO/IEC 27001 certified which includes SOC2 compliance as well as a commitment to continual maintenance and improvement to ensure what’s secure today stays secure tomorrow. With Canadian data sovereignty, RICOH PMC helps protect your private and confidential information and avoids other countries from acquiring that data.

Eliminate multiple print drivers

Make the traditional model of one printer/one driver a thing of the past along with installing devices and drivers, helping end-users to connect to printers, and updating multiple print drivers across the organization. RICOH PMC eliminates multiple print drivers and enables everyone to print to any device – anywhere.