Ricoh InfoPrint Manager

Centralize control of printers, print queues and job management enterprise-wide

About RICOH InfoPrint Manager enterprise output management software

The complexities of today’s enterprise office and production printing environments demand solutions that are reliable, secured and cost-effective. RICOH InfoPrint Manager can help solve your output management challenges, making it easy to control and scale for your growing enterprise.


  • Gain a complete picture of all print activity across your network through a single web interface providing centralized management and operational control.
  • Easily configure and maintain your output management with an open architecture that supports multi-brand printers.
  • Ensure secured communications with encrypted data protection and authenticated printing options.

Centralized management and control

Provide a comprehensive view of print activity through a single web interface, enabling your business to make informed decisions by analyzing all print activity across your network. In doing so, you can enable your business to optimize resources, identify inefficiencies and improve decision making.

Reliable, Automated Data Stream Transformations

Simplify the process of handling different file formats, reducing errors and frustrations. Eliminate the stresses of compatibility issues when dealing with a mix of new and legacy technologies, as the automated system seamlessly converts files into the desired formats, streamlining the printing process and minimizing manual errors.

Scalable Output Management

Allow your business to adapt to change efficiently with scalable output management. RICOH Infoprint Manager's open architecture facilitates seamless integration with existing infrastructure and supports multi-brand printers. Designed to be easily configured and maintained by internal staff, reducing dependence on external resources.

Robust Tracking, Accounting and Notifications

Enable continuous process improvement and cost reduction with robust tracking, accounting and notifications with RICOH Infoprint Manager. By monitoring job attributes, businesses are able to identify inefficiencies, optimize printing and implement cost-saving techniques.

Document routing, scheduling and flexible job submissions

Improve operational efficiencies and eliminate manual errors with intelligent document routing and automation. Automated scheduling ensures that critical deadlines are met and eliminates the risk of errors for smoother operations and increased customer satisfaction. Add value to your business with versatility in accepting and submitting print jobs from various sources, regardless of the platform. This flexibility allows for seamless integration with different systems and devices, which enhances convenience for your users.