Fiery JobMaster

Increase production print margins with efficient, error-free PDF-based job preparation

About Fiery® JobMaster™ Makeready Software

Fiery® JobMaster™, a part of the Fiery® Workflow Suite, provides advanced PDF-based makeready functions that allow operators to be highly productive and accurate. Speed through tasks such as visual tab insertion and design, media assignment, advanced page numbering, choosing finishing options, scanning and more. The included Enfocus PitStop Edit and Adobe® Acrobat® Pro allow last-minute text, spot color or image changes.


  • Speed PDF-based job preparation using a flexible, integrated solution and a single point of control.
  • Reduce waste and save time with interactive, fully visual job previews.
  • Expand your marketing opportunities by producing error-free, high-margin jobs such as catalogs, manuals, proposals, reports and books.

Reduce job assembly time using a visual, interactive interface

Launch JobMaster™ from the Fiery® Command WorkStation® and run it on either a PC or Mac® — no need to install it on a separate server. Accelerate job preparation by:

  • Defining media requirements using the integrated paper catalog.
  • Merging and moving pages with drag-and-drop ease.
  • Defining, designing and inserting multi-bank or bleed-edge tabs that can include images, color background and text.
  • Defining inline finishing settings and viewing the effects of various options.
  • Previewing jobs in page and sheet views exactly as they will print.
  • Saving jobs and opening them at a later time.

Increase profits and print shop capacity

Every minute saved reduces labor cost and opens up capacity for additional work. JobMaster™ automates manual tasks so they take less time to complete. And, it helps you keep customers happy and loyal, even when they submit lots of change requests. Empower your operators to:

  • Navigate long documents quickly and locate pages instantly after selecting certain page properties.
  • Integrate and clean up hard-copy pages: deskew and despeckle scanned pages, edit images, adjust page fit to media sizes, mask unwanted content and more.
  • Apply page numbering sequences that you can store in templates for future use.
  • Make last-minute changes to document content.
  • Export assembled PDFs to customers for proofing and approval.

Push production print productivity even higher

True usability reduces clicks, and it also provides an intuitive, practical user experience. JobMaster™ excels at usability, with thoughtful enhancements that make it easier for operators to do their jobs better:

  • Control settings without leaving the makeready application.
  • Preserve window and pane size for a consistent view after re-opening the application.
  • Expedite sheet size selections and job saves because the software remembers frequently used settings.

Revisit your go-to-market strategy

With the ability to produce complex documents such as catalogs, manuals, reports and books, it might be time to re-evaluate your marketing and customer experience strategies. Our marketing consultants can help you get the most from your marketing dollars by working with you on target markets, planning, campaign management, software/hardware decisions and more.