EFI Fiery Digital Print Servers

Make the most of digital press performance, VDP, color management and product integration opportunities

About EFI® Fiery® Digital Print Servers

Maximize performance, throughput and profitability with powerful digital front ends for Ricoh’s color and black-and-white digital presses. The Fiery® Command WorkStation® user interface enables precise control of jobs, color management, image quality, VDP and output devices. Move jobs through production quickly with exceptional RIP speed and native PDF workflows. Add optional tools to expand offerings and extend the value of your investment.


  • Increase operator efficiency with a user interface that earns rave reviews for its easy-to-use visual tools.
  • Distinguish your print operation with advanced imaging and color management expertise.
  • Conform to industry standards while strengthening your print operation with variable data printing (VDP), third-party technologies and other solutions from Ricoh and EFI®.

Streamline and speed operator activities

Increase capacity by making each job easier to set up, monitor and manage. The Command WorkStation® enables print operators to complete their work accurately with fewer clicks, whether they’re managing printers locally or remotely. Watch them fly through tasks by:

  • Shortening job preparation time with presets.
  • Customizing shortcuts to frequently used functions.
  • Simplifying media selection with a media catalog and paper database.

Deliver superb image quality

Be fearless when it comes to accepting complex jobs involving gradients, transparencies and overprints. Control image quality with your ability to:

  • Correct potential registration issues automatically.
  • Smooth the appearance of low-resolution images and gradient shades.
  • Correct individual images on the fly without modifying the design files.
  • Automate trapping to avoid white lines and halo effects.

Deliver superior color accuracy and consistency

Keep customers coming back because you meet or exceed their color expectations. With Fiery® Digital Print Servers, operators of all skill levels can be color management experts who use automated workflows to accomplish tasks such as:

  • Calibrating printers to assure color consistency.
  • Profiling to assure color accuracy: creating ICC profiles, matching color on different digital presses and creating color workflows to match industry standards.
  • Editing spot colors for accurate reproduction of logos and brand colors.

Tap the power of personalization

Help your customers connect with their customers using personalized materials that can increase readership and results. At the same time, streamline job flow with variable data printing (VDP) capabilities that include:

  • Visual previewing to catch problems and ensure correct, efficient printing.
  • Fast processing and printing enabled by storing, viewing and reusing RIPed objects.
  • Support for industry standards and formats such as PPML, PDF/VT and VPS.

Accelerate your digital front end ROI

Watch your investment pay off sooner with expert integration, training and certification. Our production print implementation specialists can tailor an engagement to fit your current workloads as well as the new business you want to capture. Our standards-based approach minimizes delays and disruption, and it frees your staff to focus on revenue-generating activities.