RSA TicketMe

Convert print job tickets from proprietary formats to formats compatible with multi-vendor production printers

About RSA TicketMe™ Prepress Software

TicketMe™ performs print job ticket conversion using RSA AnyPrint™ technology. Convert tickets created by popular makeready and workflow tools, such as Xerox® FreeFlow® Makeready® and Kodak® SmartBoard™, from their proprietary formats to formats compatible with production printers from multiple manufacturers. Gain the freedom to choose the best printer for each job and invest in devices that fit your production print objectives.


  • Support multi-vendor hardware and software with a single application —no need for re-ticketing.
  • Maintain productivity by integrating and using TicketMe™ in multi-device workflows without operator retraining.
  • Simplify workflows and shorten delivery times with the ability to add new printers in your environment without changing or adding makeready tools.

Make production print decisions independent of workflow

Makeready tools that create proprietary output for specific printer types lock you into those printers, limiting profitability and efficiency. TicketMe™ frees you to print documents on virtually any production device by converting files automatically as pass-through print or manually from the user interface. Enhance throughput with powerful prepress software capabilities:

  • Converts all ticketing functions and job attributes
  • Increases printer utilization
  • Eliminates re-ticketing and manual ticketing
  • Allows you to make printer decisions without compatibility constraints

Accelerate ROI by engaging prepress software experts

Simplify software implementations with expert assessment, design, installation, integration and training. Our production print implementation specialists follow standards-based procedures to minimize delays and disruption. They also can work with you to identify other opportunities to lower labor costs, increase accuracy and improve customer satisfaction.


System Requirements
Runs on customer-supplied Windows PC
Minimum Requirements
2 GHz processor or better
2 GB of RAM
16 GB available hard disk space
Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0