Automate AFP™ and IPDS™ datastream transformation to increase productivity and lower cost.

About RSA IPDSPrint™ Transform Software

IPDSPrint™ converts Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) and Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) data streams to PostScript® with complete fidelity. Automated, transparent transformation allows you to print legacy datastreams on modern, distributed network, midrange or production printers instead of aging output devices. Retain job ticketing details with no changes to data or workflows.


  • Repurpose valuable information with the ability to print and share proprietary legacy documents.
  • Accelerate throughput with the option of migrating long-run jobs from continuous feed printers and printing smaller jobs.
  • Reduce production print expenses by eliminating printers no longer needed for legacy datastream-only printing.

Automate data transformation

Maximize print production efficiency by transforming legacy datastreams automatically with IPDSPrint™, which can be co-resident on select production printers:

  • Support full color and 2D barcodes while retaining plex, finishing and media ticketing information with no changes to customer jobs, data or workflows.
  • Operate with expansive media handling capabilities, inline finishing support and full and subset reprinting.
  • Support a range of paper sizes as well as bitmap and outline fonts.
  • Print n-up and extended n-up to expand output versatility and lower media requirements.

View, archive and reprint PDF files

When you’re ready to boost efficiency even further, pair IPDSPrint™ with RSA PDF Pro™. The software converts the transformed datastreams into PDF, which helps increase your information management agility with capabilities such as:

  • PDF/A for ISO compliant long-term archival
  • Auto-page rotation
  • Searching, copy/paste and dynamic naming based on variable data in the print stream

Keep up with printer and software changes

Change is inevitable, but don’t let it slow down your print operation. Integrate RSA QDirect™ with IPDSPrint™ so you can support diverse file formats and automate digital workflows. The software accepts jobs from any source and allows you to monitor, manage, route and distribute output from a central point of control. Generate reports based on logged activities to stay on top of operational stats and trends.

Expedite your return on investment

Simplify technology implementations with expert integration, training and certification. Our production print implementation specialists follow standards-based procedures to minimize delays and disruption. They also can point out additional automation opportunities that can help you reduce errors, decrease rework and lower labor costs.