Case Study: Suffolk County Clerk's Office

Ricoh overhauls a document management system and turns a challenge into a revenue stream.

About the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office

The Suffolk County Clerk’s Office in Long Island, New York, provides a wide range of services for local constituents. One of its most important services is managing several centuries’ worth of real estate transaction documents.

"Ricoh was involved from the get-go helping us get the solution up and running."

Suffolk County Clerk’s Office



The Director of Optical Imaging for the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office enlisted our help to devise a comprehensive solution that included
copying, printing, faxing and email.

“We also needed card swipers and a software solution that allowed us to establish hard cost limits, so that if you purchase a $10 debit card, you can only transact $10 worth of documents,” said the director.

From the catalog of Ricoh printing solutions, we went with Pharos Uniprint — a software originally designed for schools, where overcharges were deducted from student accounts. Other components of the solution included a freestanding debit card kiosk, an all-in-one multiunction printer (MFP) equipped for card-based payment, plus integration with the office’s back-end systems.


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