Case Study: Ricoh Enterprise HR Content Management

By centralizing their HR department, Ricoh was able to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

About Ricoh

Ricoh is a global information and technology company and is changing the way people work with innovative products and dynamic solutions. 

“We built in robust auditing and reporting features which have significantly improved our productivity and reduced compliance risk compared to our previous manual processes.”

Michael Jones

Vice President, Human Resources




The first step was to consolidate the HR department into one location.

After that, they looked to the Ricoh Enterprise HR Content Management Business Solutions to incorporate:

  • Barcodes that allowed department managers to scan documents directly into an employee’s file.

  • Embedded controls within documents that ensured specific information was only viewable by authorized personnel.

  • The ability for managers to file and retrieve documents without HR’s help.

By moving to a digitized records management system, documents are also better protected against potential loss due to natural disaster and are easier to access from different locations. Plus, the paper reduction helped advance one of the company’s longstanding sustainability objectives.


With the Enterprise HR Content Management Business Solutions in place,

  • Reduced various administrative costs by 60%

  • Gained anytime, anywhere access to documents

  • Save an estimated $1.2 million over five years

Since many HR documents, such as non-compete agreements and IRS W4 forms, are available digitally, employees and staff can access what they need from virtually anywhere. We also rounded out the capabilities of Enterprise HR Content Management system by including:

  • Workflow and process consulting

  • Enterprise content management and capture solutions

  • Back-file digital conversion for legacy records

  • Day-forward imaging to scan all current and future records as they're created

  • Shared services and managed services

  • Forms management

As more companies aim to make their information more mobile, our own experience can help other HR organizations increase their productivity, improve document access and lower costs.

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