Case Study: Maricopa County Attorney's Office

Leveraging Ricoh's eDiscovery Managed Services and OpenAxes amid surging public records requests.

About the Maricopa County Attorney's Office

The MCAO in Phoenix, Arizona serves one of the largest populations in any U.S. county with nearly four million residents. They prosecute more than 35,000 felony criminal cases a year — along with a robust civil roster — while simultaneously participating in community events, providing crime prevention resources and strengthening the community at large.

"The other provider's solution was powerful and capable, but I'd equate it to bringing an elephant gun to a squirrel hunt. Plus, it was cost prohibitive to implement countywide."

Gary Peet

Director of Information Technology

Maricopa County Attorney's Office, Phoenix, Arizona



MCAO needed a robust yet reasonably priced solution to automate their data and streamline their process and workflow. The timing couldn't have been better. Ricoh's eDiscovery had recently added the powerful and affordable new solution, OpenAxes, to its technology profile.

OpenAxes, as a Ricoh eDiscovery Managed Services solution, changed how MCAO looked at the way they were doing business and helped them gain a new perspective on things they could improve upon — for PRRs and beyond. OpenAxes is a subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that resides behind MCAO's firewall for on-premise identification, collection, smart culling and data management.

  • With OpenAxes, there's no need for a costly, up-front capital investment.

  • Ricoh handles everything from installation, configuration and ongoing software updates.

  • MCAO's users are provided login access to view their data at a monthly fixed cost.

  • One-on-one training sessions are available so users understand the functionality and can use the solution immediately.


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