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Ricoh’s Smart Lockers Solution is an ingenious harmony of flexible workspace storage and innovative technology. Whether it is a day storage space that employees need for their personal belongings or tracked storage of valuable company assets, Smart Lockers is perfect for all.

Remember the days when employees would walk into the office with bag, lunch boxes, and a happy smile? Yes, we miss it too. As the world adjusts to the new normal, organizations are trying to find the right balance between working remotely and in-office. According to a PWC survey of Canadian office workers, 35% of the respondents prefer to work in-office while 25% would prefer a hybrid working model. With various employees eager to return to their loved office desks and workplaces, it’s critical to look for smart upgradations to make these agile hybrid settings a smooth and comfortable affair. It’s time to gear up the workplace with the right technology set-up and deliver the best employee experience. 

Smartening up your workplace  

Whether your team is in-office or working remotely, seamless collaboration and improved productivity have always been the top goals. To help achieve these collaborative endeavors, workplaces like to be equipped with the latest technology such as Interactive Whiteboards. At-home working to in-office brainstorming, using this solution, team members can conveniently connect to the cloud to chime in and contribute their ideas. Read this article to learn more about improving your workplace collaboration.  

As employees move in and out of the office on a flexible basis, organizations are looking for efficient ways to store office inventory and employee’s personal belongings as well as manage IT assets. For these redefining needs, Smart Lockers might just be the solution you need!  

Digital Lockers for a Smart Office 

Ricoh’s Smart Lockers Solution is an ingenious harmony of flexible workspace storage and innovative technology. Whether it is a day storage space that employees need for their personal belongings or tracked storage of valuable company assets, Smart Lockers is perfect for all. These usage tracking lockers provide advanced storage solutions with 24/7 access for utmost safety. With built-in software, they automate time-consuming activities and introduce new efficient processes. The benefits of these digital lockers make it perfect for various use cases such as: 

 – Single Day Storage Lockers for employees and visitors 

 – Mail and Parcel Storage Lockers 

 – Inventory and Asset Management Lockers 

Worry-free Personal Storage for a Day 

The one thing we do not miss about going to office is carrying a personal bag, laptop, lunch bag, and so many more things. Ever wished for a safe space to store your belongings for the day till you are ready to head home? If yes, these smart lockers are just what you need! All you have to do is reserve a locker in advance via your mobile device, or on-demand via a touch screen console. So, get to work, securely store, and work away worry-free. 

This temporary secure storage can be used as a team locker space. Furthermore, these digital locker systems can be used both indoors and outdoors. The benefits of these lockers make it easy to use and maintain. 

Retrieve Mail & Parcel in a Jiffy 

Whilst working in a flexible manner, it can be easy to lose track of mails and parcels as the chain of custody changes regularly. If it changes when employees return to the office, there might be a difficulty in maintaining a track of all the mails and parcels, building up backlogs.  

In such a scenario, smart lockers make for a convenient way of storing and safeguarding them for their rightful owners, saving the hassle in the mailroom. The thorough logs of operation and automation of full management reporting capabilities pave way to improving the efficiency of distribution management processes. 

Hassle-free Tracking of Company Inventory and Assets  

The smart storage lockers are intelligently controlled by integrated software to manage contents (with complete chain of custody), making it ideal for managing valuable company assets. Usage of this digital solution for safekeeping company resources can help in improving governances of your business inventory and minimizing the time spent on inventory management. From stationery items to IT equipment, these smart security lockers can help in easy tracking, misuse prevention, reporting, and cost centre billing of all commodities. 

By providing self-service secure storage, users can also select and access stocks easily. The Smart Asset Management Lockers give you control of handheld devices, tools and calibrated instruments typically found in a warehouse environment. The cloud-based system controlling the locker offers secured check-out and check-in, allowing you to always know who has used a devicewhen it was returned, and whether it is broken or damaged

Smart Benefits of the Digital Locking System 

With improved flexibility and usage comes the option to build new automated and efficient processes. The 24-hour accessible lockers have different security options which gives end-to-end user visibility and management. Its online booking facility provides easy allocation of individual lockers and oversight of your locker real estate.  

The modular, extendable, and customizable lockers increase the efficiency of utilizing your space. The keyless digital locking technology connects easily with your IT network, existing applications, and a multitude of devices. Lastly, the reporting and accountability tracking mechanism allows greater security and governance within the organization. 

Forget the hassle of keys and locks, safeguard corporate assets and employee belongs with Ricoh Smart Lockers. Check out this video and explore other smart use cases. 

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