Simplify all aspects of your testing and grading with our K-12 Analytics Solution, which includes:

  • Assessment

  • Consulting services and solution design

  • Software

  • Multifunction printers (MFPs) if needed

  • Implementation and training

  • Optional test design

  • Formatting assistance and support

Analyze tests and trends to improve learning

Replace expensive, proprietary solutions that lock you in and don't offer analytics.

Preprinted bubble sheet answer forms and proprietary scanning equipment are expensive. With only one test format, they're limiting, too. And analytics? Not included.

Get more with our K-12 Analytics Solution, which simplifies and automates test creation, grading and analysis. Your teachers can create multiple types of tests using plain paper and the Ricoh MFPs that you may already own, so you'll lower costs, too.

  • Design tests and grade them on an MFP.

  • Identify trends and patterns in test scores using the included analytics software.

  • Track student performance over time and adjust your testing methods as needed.

Teacher and young student looking at a laptop

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*Source: Center for Digital Education Dec 2015 Report.